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Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (Kyoto, Uji and Otsu Cities)

Multiple Locations (17)
ID Name & Location State Party Coordinates Property Buffer Zone
688-001 Kamowakeikazuchi-jinja (Kamigamo shrine) Japan 63.8 ha 242.7 ha
688-002 Kamomioya-jinja (Shimogamo Shrine) Japan 10.7 ha 105.3 ha
688-003 Kyo-o-gokoku-ji (To-ji) Japan 8.5 ha 22.8 ha
688-004 Kiyomizu-dera Japan 12.3 ha 161.1 ha
688-005 Enryaku-ji Japan 497.7 ha 1,005 ha
688-006 Daigo-ji Japan 378.7 ha 218.7 ha
688-007 Ninna-ji Japan 9.2 ha 431.3 ha
688-008 Byodo-in Japan 2 ha 203.8 ha
688-009 Ujigami-jinja Japan 0.3 ha
688-010 Kozan-ji Japan 15.7 ha 444.9 ha
688-011 Saiho-ji Japan 1.7 ha 204.6 ha
688-012 Tenryu-ji Japan 3 ha 167 ha
688-013 Rokuon-ji Japan 9.3 ha
688-014 Jisho-ji Japan 5.7 ha 318.9 ha
688-015 Ryoan-ji Japan 3.9 ha
688-016 Hongan-ji Japan 6.1 ha 24.3 ha
688-017 Nijo-jo Japan 27.5 ha 28.7 ha

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