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World Heritage
Marine Programme

50 flagship marine protected areas of Outstanding Universal Value:
Beacons of Hope In a Changing Ocean

What we do

State of Conservation reporting

We monitor and prepare evaluations on how countries protect their sites by conducting field visits and collecting scientific data.

Global network of site managers

We connect daily managers from the 50 flagship marine protected areas to share conservation solutions and accelerate successful results.

Climate change adaptation

We assess climate change impacts on marine World Heritage and invest in building resilience at the site level.

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Where we work

Since the inscription of the first marine site on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1981, our network has grown in to a global collection of unique ocean places stretching from the tropics to the poles. Today, the List includes 50 unique ocean places across 37 countries – recognized for their unique marine biodiversity, singular ecosystem, unique geological processes or incomparable beauty.

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