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Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst

Multiple Locations (7)
ID Name & Location State Party Coordinates Property Buffer Zone
725ter-001 Component including Aggtelek Hungary 16,365 ha 9,566 ha
725ter-002 Component of Szendrő-Rudabánya Hill Hungary 3,325 ha 9,567 ha
725ter-003 Component of Esztramos Hill Hungary 195 ha 9,567 ha
725ter-004 Component neighbouring Silica and Jasov Slovakia 12,055.19 ha 12,778.11 ha
725ter-005 Component of Plešivec plateau Hungary 12,055.19 ha 12,778.11 ha
725ter-006 Component of Koniar plateau (including Ochtinscká Aragonite Cave) Slovakia 12,055.19 ha 12,778.11 ha
725ter-007 Dobšinská Ice Cave Slovakia 600 ha 19,763 ha

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