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The Next 50

50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention (16 November 2022):
World Heritage as a source of resilience,
humanity and innovation

Results of the Survey for the 50th Anniversary of the World Heritage Convention in 2022.

Recognizing the transformations in the world since the adoption of the World Heritage Convention, and with a view to soliciting reflection on the adaptation of the Convention in the face of prevailing challenges and gathering proposals for themes and plans to mark the 50th Anniversary, a Survey Questionnaire on the 50th Anniversary was launched on 25 June 2021 to all States Parties and site managers as well as academics and experts. The deadline was 25 July 2021 and later extended to 6 August 2021. 243 responses were received. These have been analysed and summarized into a synthesis report that is available here now.

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Conference on mentoring and World Heritage: Empowering African heritage professionals and improving gender equality

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Future of World Heritage in challenging times enhancing resilience and sustainability

17-18 November 2022
Delphi, Greece

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50 Minds for the Next 50. Dialogue Series

UNESCO launches “50 Minds for The Next 50” to convene fifty leading, innovative, bold, respected thinkers of our times from diverse disciplines for the most interdisciplinary discussion on World Heritage ever to be held.

World Heritage
n°103 of World Heritage Review
Yaounde Conference
17-19 October 2022
Yaounde, Cameroon
UNESCO National Geographic exhibition by photographer and artistic director Yan Bighetty de Flogny
September 2022
Paris, France - online

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The creation process of World Heritage is remembered by historians and experts in the oral archive project.

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Our Partners for the 50th anniversary

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Events 59
World Heritage Festival in Costa Rica
19 Nov 2022 - 20 Nov 2022
Babylon International Festival
28 Oct 2022 - 1 Nov 2022
5th Edition of The Heritage Night
17 Sep 2022 - 17 Sep 2022
50th anniversary tea in Australia
16 Aug 2022 - 16 Aug 2022
50 Minds for the Next 50. Dialogue Series
30 Jun 2022 - 30 Jun 2022
Other activities 33
Date Start: Wednesday, 16 November 2022
Date end: Wednesday, 16 November 2022
Decisions / Resolutions (1)
Code: 45COM 13

The World Heritage Committee,

  1. Having examined Document WHC/23/45.COM/13,
  2. Recalling Decision 44 COM 5A, adopted at its extended 44th session (Fuzhou/online, 2021) and Resolution 23 GA 9, adopted by the General Assembly of States Parties at its 23rd session (UNESCO, 2021),
  3. Thanks all the States Parties, and organizations, that have carried out more than 65 activities to mark the celebration of the 50thAnniversary of the World Heritage Convention, as well as other partners for related events and publications on the theme “The Next 50: World Heritage as a source of resilience, humanity and innovation”;
  4. Expresses appreciation to the Secretariat for the 50th Anniversary Survey that was opened to all stakeholders of the World Heritage Convention and to all those who provided their valuable reflections to this end, and takes note of the Survey’s conclusions;
  5. Thanks also the Government of Cameroon for the regional celebration of the 50th Anniversary in Central Africa and takes note of the Yaounde Call for Action and the priorities it has identified for Central Africa in particular;
  6. Thanks furthermore the Government of Greece for the Delphi Conference and requests the Secretariat to follow up on its conclusions and outcomes;
  7. Expresses its gratitude to the Government of France and private sector partner, Felissimo, for their financial contributions in the context of the 50th Anniversary of the World Heritage Convention;
  8. Recognizes all who have contributed to the reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the Convention, commending in particular the scientific contribution of experts, and invites States Parties to take note of the key reflections of the 50th Anniversary and enhance their implementation of the World Heritage Convention and the protection of the world’s cultural and natural heritage recognizing its enduring and irreplaceable value for furthering sustainable development and for biological and cultural diversity worldwide.

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