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Safeguarding Heritage against Climate Crisis

50 Minds for the Next 50. Dialogue Series

Climate change is among the greatest threats facing cultural and natural heritage today. One in three natural sites and one in six cultural heritage sites are currently threatened by climate change. In recent years we have seen cultural and natural heritage sites, including many World Heritage sites, threatened by wildfires, floods, storms and mass-bleaching events. We have also seen how climate change puts living heritage – oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, festive events and traditional knowledge – at risk. As climate change leads to displacement and forced migration, entire ways of life risk being lost forever.


Fatemah Alzelzela & Alfred Brownell

The dialogue between Fatemah Alzelzela and Alfred Brownell centred around communities and vulnerabilities. 


Ammar Khammash & Bianca Jagger

The dialogue between Ammar Khammash and Bianca Jagger focused on indigenous peoples and their link to technology.  


Carissa Klein and Neeshad Shafi

Carissa Klein and Neeshad Shafi focused on the relationship between human-induced climate issues and heritage preservation


Dialogue between Małgorzata Górska and Hans Cosmas Ngoteya

Malgorzata Gorska and Hans Cosmas Ngoteya spoke about their experiences in protecting natural habitats and possible methods for natural heritage preservation.


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Five dialogue sessions covering five themes take place in 2022, each joined by thinkers in paired dialogue from diverse regions. The interdisciplinary dialogues inspire new visions for the next 50 years of World Heritage.

Safeguarding Heritage against Climate Crisis
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