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'Close/far - A Journey of Discovery Exploring the Cultural and Natural Heritage of Immigration in Italy': a photographic exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1972 UNESCO World Heritage Convention

Friday 28 Oct 2022
Sunday 27 Nov 2022

The photographic exhibition "Close/far - A Journey of Discovery Exploring the Cultural and Natural Heritage of Immigration in Italy" is open in Rome from 28 October to 27 November 2022 at the prestigious Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Exhibition Hall) and in four Public Libraries of the city. This display is devised to mark the 50th anniversary of the UNESCO Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

The Italian National Commission for UNESCO, together with one of the most important institutions of the City of Rome, Palaexpo, four Public Libraries and the Institute for Mediterranean Studies of the National Council of Research, has promoted and financed this exhibition that is showing a total of over four hundred photographs taken by photographers from the countries with the highest number of immigrants in Italy.  The photographers use their images to illustrate the cultural and natural heritage of their various different countries of origin, building a dialogue with the institutional photographs of UNESCO World Heritage sites and Intangible Cultural Heritage elements.

All the photographs have been selected on the basis of five different themes: Human settlements and movement of peoples; Spirituality; Festivities, celebrations, crafts, food and artistic expressions; Natural environment, geo- and bio-diversity and Portraits. The exhibition aims to foster mutual acquaintance and intercultural exchange between migrants and Italian citizens, bearing in mind what the UNESCO Declaration on Cultural Diversity states: “in our increasingly diverse societies, it is essential to ensure harmonious interaction among people and groups with plural, varied and dynamic cultural identities as well as their willingness to live together”.

While the exhibition is running, the libraries will be hosting four meetings addressing in greater depth some of the themes. This is the schedule:

Ennio Flaiano Library - Via Monte Ruggero, 39

3 November at 5.30 pm: "Bangladesh: images and words"

Meeting with photographer Stefano Romano and migration expert Sara Rossetti, who will be talking about Bangladesh and the Bangladeshi community’s immigration to Rome.

Europea Library - Via Savoia, 15

7 November at 5.30 pm: "Afghanistan: images and words"

Meeting with Morteza Khaleghi, an artist of Afghan origin, and with Afghan photographer and educator Reza Heidari Shahbidak. Afghanistan and the Afghan community’s immigration to Rome will be the themes addressed in the course of the evening.

Enzo Tortora Library - Via N. Zabaglia, 27b

8 November at 5.30 pm: "KENE Project: images and words"

Meeting with Côte d’Ivoire photographer Mohamed Keita, founder of the KENE school, and with Luca Attanasio, a journalist and an expert in migration. The meeting will focus on the KENE project and the migratory phenomena.

Pier Paolo Pasolini Library - Viale Caduti per la Resistenza, 410/A

18 November at 6.00 pm: "Mali: images and words"

Meeting with Côte d’Ivoire photographer Mohamed Keita; Giovanni Boccardi, architect, conservator and former UNESCO officer; and Amedeo Siragusa, Fondazione Pianoterra Onlus. The topics addressed will include Africa, with a particular focus on Mali, immigration to Rome via African routes and the Djenné UNESCO site.


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Friday, 28 October 2022
Sunday, 27 November 2022

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