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Haitan Scenic Spots

Date de soumission : 29/11/2001
Catégorie : Mixte
Soumis par :
National Commission of the People's Republic of China. ( natcomcn@public3.bta.net.cn )
Coordonnées 119°32'-120°10' E / 25°15'-25°45' N
Ref.: 1633

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The geological structure of Haitan archipelago is deeply influenced by Yanshan organic and neo-tectonic movements, which induced intensive magma and fault activities there. A variety of geomorphology types, such as hill, platform, lake, bedrock shore, sandy coast and muddy coast, were produced on the archipelago in consequence of widely distributed granite and volcanic rocks and very developed fault and joints. As the bedrock of this archipelago continuously suffers from erosion and generation induced by weathering action, various geological structure landscapes and natural vivid imitative rocky figures are formed. Among them, Shipaiyang, Celestial Being Well and shirentan are named the three unequalled scenic spots of Haitan, and famed as one of the best scenes in the country and marvelous phenomena over the world. The total length of northern, eastern and southern coastline of Haitan Island reaches more than 60km. There are four silver sand beaches, Changjiango, Haitanwan, Tannanwan and Shanqio, with very gentle gradient and loose, soft and clean sand of silicone dioxide content of over 93%. There are rocky ridges as a natural screen in front of the beaches, undulate low hills and fresh green forest in the wide hinterland. In addition, there are some capes distributed alternatively with these beaches, tombolos, submerged sand levees and littoral dunes. All of these constitute a landscape assemblage with wonderful scenes. Clean and no pollution seawater makes this place excellent bathing beaches. Moreover, there is a lake formed from a bay over a long period of geological evolution. Because of rainfall showering continuously, this lake has become a fresh water lake. In a word, the typical geological and gemorphological landscapes of Haitan archipelago have important scientific significance as well as high protective value.