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Jinfushan Scenic Spot

Date de soumission : 29/11/2001
Critères: (vii)(viii)(ix)
Catégorie : Naturel
Soumis par :
National Commission of the People's Republic of China. ( natcomcn@public3.bta.net.cn )
Coordonnées 107°05'-107°20'20" E / 28°50'-29°08'49" N
Ref.: 1624

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Jinfushan Mountain is a national major scenic spot and a national forest park. It has a total mountainous area of 1300 km2, of which 552 km2 is protective area and 441 km2 is scenic area. Fengchuiling mountain, the main peak with the elevation of 2251 meters, is the highest peak of Daloushan Mountain range. Jinfushan mountain is one of four famous mountains in Sichuan and Chongqing Areas. It has a beautiful conception.in magnificent, wonderful, ancient, interesting and green scenery and is a mountainous vegetation scenic spot with a huge volume. 1. Jinfushan Mountain belongs to typical limestone karst topography and Neocathaysian structural system. An integrated geologic history can be seen from its geological structure except the lack of Sinian System, which may be rated as the unique scene in geological structure. The whole mountain body is in mountainous platform structure, with grand mountains, precipitous terrain and large height difference (up to 1600m); the terrain above the platform is relatively gentle and has the geomorphologic characteristics of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. Around the mountain body are huge cliffs which extend to about 60km and have relative height difference of 200-300m, countless isolated mountain peaks, strange rock and flying waterfall, and countless dispersal-distributed valleys and gullies, which form an unique landscape of the Jinfushan Mountain. 2. Jinfushan Mountain is located in northern subtropical zone. Since it was not subjected to the direct erosion of northern land glacier in the Quaternary glacial period and mountainous glacial period, it became the refuge of ancient plants, it has very rich special plants and rare plants, such as Cathaya argyrophylla which is called the "live fossil" and about 2000 pieces now exist; other plants, such as dawn redwood, dove tree and so on are also very rich. There are totally 300 plant families with more than 5000 kinds in Jinfushan Mountain, in which, there are about 7 kinds of the Class I national protective plants, 26 kinds of Class II protective plants and 45 kinds of Class III protective plants, so many kinds of plants living in this narrow and long area is seldom seen in the world. 3. Jinfushan Mountain has a vast area of virgin vegetation and its primitive ecology is well preserved, with forest area up to 100000 ha. and forest coverage rate of more than 90% above the elevation of 1400m. Here there is 6700 ha of square bamboo grove and more than 30 kinds of mountain rhododendron spreading all mountains and blossoming one after another. In the large environment of the serious disruption of original ecology, Jinfushan Mountain, "an isolated oasis", becomes more and more valuable. 4. Jinfushan Mountain has 523 species and 113 subspecies of animals, of which there are 10 species of national Class I protective animals, 12 species of Class II protective animals and 15 species of Class III protective animals, such as leopard, clouded leopard, south China tiger, white face black leaf monkey and son on. These animals adds greatly to the vitality of Jinfushan Mountain. 5. Jinfushan Mountain has many karst cave systems, of which the mountainous karst system is mainly featured by its large cave space, high elevation and long formation age. The caves are alternatively connected each other, if they are slightly treated, they can form a large underground traffic network in length of 17km, of which the Jinfu cave has an area of about 90000 m2 and there is a large underground nitre mining site, Gufu cave has an area of 46000 m2 and can accommodate 100000 persons at least. All of these caves were formed 200 thousand years ago, some were formed even 350 thousand years ago. Mr. Andrew Gamgs Eavis, the first deputy Chairman of International Cave Association and Mr. Zhu Xuewen, professor of China Karst Geology Research Institute commented: Jinfushan Mountain, featured by mountainous caves having large internal space and high elevation, the longer formation age of caves, large-scale nitre mining in caves and numerous kinds.