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Master in World Heritage & Cultural Projects for Development: Call for applications.

dimanche 03 juin 2012
dimanche 02 sept. 2012
Résidences des Savoie © UNESCO | Francesco Bandarin
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This Master imparts the necessary competencies and skills in the conservation and promotion of World Heritage Sites as well as in the conceptualization of sustainable projects in the fields of natural and cultural heritage, creative industries, museums and tourism. The programme is divided into three learning cycles. The first cycle from October to December 2012 consists of distance learning on Cultural Heritage and Economic Development and the World Heritage System and Heritage Management. The second cycle is a face-to-face learning period from January to May 2013 that will be held in Turin, Italy, at the International Training Centre of the ILO and consists of four Modules: Culture and Economic Development, Project Management in the Cultural Fields, Cultural sectors and Creative Industries, and Tools for Strategic Planning and Evaluation. The third cycle from June to September 2013 is a research and study period during which the participants will work on producing a project for improving current management, conservation and marketing systems of a UNESCO-designated World Heritage site or on the development of a project proposal in a field of culture relevant to their context.

The Master has a strong international Faculty including Professor Walter Santagata, Professor David Throsby, Professor Allen Scott, Professor Andy Pratt, Professor Françoise Benhamou  Professor Xavier Greffe and Professor Helmut Anheier; Officials from UNESCO, ICCROM, the World Bank and the ILO also teach on the Master. The Master takes place in the frame of the training initiatives of the International Research Centre on the Economics of Culture and World Heritage Studies (Category 2 Centre Turin) under the auspices of UNESCO. There are two deadlines for submitting applications. There is an early bird deadline of 3 June 2012, and a final deadline of 2 September 2012.

For more information see http://worldheritage.itcilo.org/home

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dimanche 3 juin 2012
dimanche 2 septembre 2012

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