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Workshop for the Preparation of the Tentative List of the Solomon Islands

27-31 mars 2006
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Within the framework of the Action Plan for the implementation of the World Heritage - Pacific 2009 Programme, and with financial support from the Italian and Dutch Governments, a workshop will be held in the Solomon Islands in March 2006.

The main objectives of the workshop are:

  • to reassess the potential World Heritage value of the Marovo Lagoon
  • to identify and discuss feasibility of other potential natural or mixed heritage sites for the Solomon Islands for eventual inclusion on the Tentative List.

Participants include international natural heritage experts who will provide workshop participants with scientific background information on potential natural and mixed World Heritage sites of the Solomon Islands in order to assist with the preparation of the Tentative List.

The workshop will also provide the key stakeholders with an opportunity to learn about the World Heritage Convention as well as the conservation and management of World Heritage sites.

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Asie et Pacifique

lundi 27 mars 2006
vendredi 31 mars 2006

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Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands