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Fourth International Conferences of Gaudinist Studies

13-15 juillet 1997
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Monographic topic: Art and technology in the work of Antoni Gaudi

Gaudi's architecture tends to be approached from one of two viewpoints, one stressing its artistic aspects and the other its technical innovations. However, as study deepens on the subject it becomes clear that in Gaudi the two concepts are indivisible; the mechanical, geometric and construction features are at the service of Gaudi's aesthetic proposals, and these invariably rest on expert technical solutions.

The aim of this IV International Conference on Gaudian Studies, in which you are invited to participate, is to carry out an in-depth analysis of Gaudi's art and technology from a contemporary perspective. That will be held in Casa Mila / La Pedrera.

Organized by

Centre of Gaudinist Studies, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Caixa de Catalunya Foundation

Sponsored by

Generalitat de Catalunya, Ministry of Education and Culture, Barcelona Provincial Council, Barcelona City Council, Studium Gaudi, Goethe Institute, Barcelona


Daniel Giralt-Miracle, Art historian and Director of Espai Gaudi

Coordinated by

Centre of Gaudinist Studies,
Chairman: Toshiaki Tange
Director: Luis Gueilburt

Technical College of Barcelona,
Benet Meca i Acosta, Lecturer and Deputy Director of University

Cesar Gallofre Porrera, Lecturer in the Department of Architectural


Centre of Gaudinist Studies
Ptge. Tubella, 20
08014 - Barcelona
Tel. 34. 3. 490 46 56
Fax. 34. 3. 488 35 01
E-mail ceg@tinet.fut.es

Technical College of Barcelona
Av. Dr. Gregorio Maranon, 44-50
08028 - Barcelona
Tel. 34. 3. 401 63 02 (Maria del Carmen Asensio, 8.00-14.00)
34. 3. 401 62 60 (Inma Perez, 17.00-19.00)
Fax. 34. 3. 401 63 06


Thursday 13th November 1997
  • 9.30 Casa Mila / La Pedrera (reception and issuing of documents)
  • 10.30 Casa Mila / La Pedrera (tour of the building: first floor, roof, Espai Gaudi)
  • 12.15 Coffee break
  • 12.45 Opening session of the Conference
  • 13.30 Inaugural reading
  • 14.30 End of session
  • 16.00 Lecture
  • 17.45 Coffee break
  • 18.00 Lecture
Friday 14th November 1997
  • 10.00 Lectures
  • 12.00 Coffee break
  • 12.30 Papers
  • 14.00 Buffet lunch
  • 17.00 Lectures
  • 19.00 Talk
Saturday 15th November 1997
  • 10.00 Tour of the construction work on the Sagrada Familia
  • 12.30 Tour of the Guell Estate and closing session
  • 13.30 Farewell cocktail party

Scheduled Lecturers

Otto Frei, Doctor of Engineering
Enric Miralles, Doctor of Architecture
Jose Antonio Fernandez Ordonez, Doctor of Civil Engineering
and others

For further information

Luis Gueilburt
Centre of Gaudinist Studies
Ptge. Tubella, 20
08014 - Barcelona
Tel. 34. 3. 490 46 56
Fax. 34. 3. 488 35 01
E-mail ceg@tinet.fut.es

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