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Conference “UNESCO World Heritage, as a builder of new paths to peace”

7 juillet 2022
© João Paulo Sotto Mayor
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Peace is one of the pillars of UNESCO. In an unstable world, the future of nations does not depend only on their economic capital or their natural resources, but on their collective capacity to promote peace, the active participation of each in the new world public space is a condition for peace and development.

The current moment we live in, it is essential to use World Heritage as a promoter of peace. The Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary in Braga wants to make a contribution in the sense that we are all builders of peace, of a new humanism.

Bom Jesus, for all it represents, for its built heritage, natural and cultural heritage, seeks to promote the Christian spirit that gives it its identity. In this conference and in these celebrations in general, we want to be a positive sign to the world.

Varico Pereira


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Europe et Amérique du Nord

jeudi 7 juillet 2022

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