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Décision 28 BUR 8.3
[Uniquement en anglais] International Assistance requests

[Uniquement en anglais]

28 BUR 8.3

 The World Heritage Bureau, 

  1. Noting that no funds are available in 2004 for consideration of technical cooperation requests for cultural properties;
  2. Recommends that the Committee do not approve technical cooperation requests in advance on the 2005 budget; 
  3. Decides to approve, in principle, the request presented by Iraq: "Equipment for training on photogrammetry techniques for Iraqi experts", for an amount of US$ 30,000, on the understanding that an earmarked donation shall be made from a State Party to the World Heritage Fund in 2004 to support its implementation and expressing its concern regarding the fact that it had been asked to approve a contribution to an on-going programme which it had not approved, requests that similar cases should be avoided in the future; 
  4. Decides that the following requests:
- Uganda: "Kasubi Tombs World Heritage Property Uganda, Research Program on the thatched roofs"
- Morocco: "Elaboration of a management plan for Ksar Ait-Ben-Haddou"
- Sudan: "Elaboration of the Management Plan for Gebel Barkal and the properties of the Napatan region"

be submitted again in 2005 for decision by the Chairperson or the Bureau, in accordance with the Operational Guidelines in force at that time, provided the relevant States Parties have paid their dues to the World Heritage Fund as at 31 December 2004.

5.   Recommends to the Committee that the following request:

- Bangladesh: "Study of the drainage problems and monitoring of the internal moisture conditions of the monuments of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur"

be submitted again in 2005 for decision by the Committee, provided the relevant State Party has paid its dues to the World Heritage Fund as at 31 December 2004.