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New Episode of Patrimonito’s World Heritage Adventures Available

dimanche 13 septembre 2015 à 18:00
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(22/09/2015) © UNESCO | Metronomic

The thirteenth Episode of the Patrimonito cartoon films on the theme of World Heritage and Biodiversity is now available.

The plot is set in the World Heritage site of the Sundarbans National Park located in India. The Sundarbans contains the world’s largest area of mangrove forests and is home to numerous rare and endangered species, including tigers, mammals, birds and reptiles.

In this episode, Patrimonito and young people take action to foster cohabitation between wildlife, and particularly tigers, and human beings with the aim of preserving the biodiversity of the Sundarbans and the survival of local communities.

The episode is based on the winning storyboard on the theme World Heritage and Biodiversity from the Patrimonito Storyboard Competition 2010 / 2011. Up to now, thirteen cartoon films have been produced and are available online and on DVD.