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Who's Who

programme specialist
World Heritage Centre
7, place de fontenoy
75352 Paris
Tel: +33-(0)1-4568-1181

Roland LIN Chih-Hung

programme specialist
Unité Asie-Pacifique (CLT/HER/WHC/APA)

Roland LIN Chih-Hung is art historian (doctorate, Art-history and Archaeology, University of Paris-Sorbonne, France), city planner (higher certificate of Advanced Architecture Studies of "City Planning and Oriental Metropolis Studies" and "Gardens, Landscape and Territory Studies", Paris-La Villette Architecture school, France). Programme Specialist of Asia - Pacific Unit of World Heritage Centre in UNESCO HQs in France, for international heritage safeguarding projects. Visiting professor of Tongji University (Shanghai), Tianjin University (Tianjin) and Shangdong University (Jinan) in China. Research fellow of CREOPS (Centre de Recherche en Extrême-Orient de Paris-Sorbonne); IPRAUS (Paris-Belleville Architecture School) and ATELAB (Paris-La Villette Architecture School). Expert & Advisor for the "Sustainable Urban Development for QuFu World Heritage City in China" (European Commission AsiaUrbs Programme, 2004 - 2007). Published two books : The Intention of Landscape Representation in French and Historic cities and World Heritage in Chinese. His written articles about culture heritage and historic cities were published in Chinese, English and French.