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Gesellschaft Für Technische Zusammenarbeit

Gesellschaft Für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), the German government's implementing agency for technical development and co-operation, assists developing countries to conserve and use their natural and cultural heritage in a sustainable manner. GTZ has numerous projects dedicated to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity that aid management at World Heritage sites.


GTZ is partnering with the World Heritage Centre to carry out projects to strengthen site management at World Heritage sites including: Comoë National Park in Côte d'Ivoire , Selous Game Reserve in the United Republic of Tanzania and Rio Plátano Biosphere Reserve in Honduras . In addition to those projects directly working on the management of already existing Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites, Germany is supporting feasibility studies to establish Biosphere Reserves in the Ennedi Mountains , Chad , and in the Altai region, extending over Kazakhstan , Mongolia , China , and the Russian Federation . Germany supports these sites on the basis of bilateral agreements with the partner countries, mostly in the form of long-term support.