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Earth Heritage-World Heritage Conference at the Dorset- and Devon Coast

mardi 7 septembre 2004
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The International Conference on World Heritage – Earth Heritage took place at the World Heritage site, the Dorset and East Devon Coast, U.K., from 7 to 11 September 2004. It focused on exploring geological and geomorphological conservation (“geodiversity) in an international context. The meeting was attended by about 100 participants; many of them site managers from geological World Heritage sites. Among various side events, the first meeting on Mid-Atlantic Ridge took place. It was attended by representatives from Iceland, Norway, Acores/Porgual, JNCC, IUCN, and UNESCO staff members (SC/GEO and CLT/WHC. The meeting identified the need for a more detailed review of the potential heritage values of the MAR through an expert meeting and development of a strategy for international co-operation in respect of a possible serial trans-boundary nomination for the MAR.

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mardi 7 septembre 2004

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