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Décision 4 COM VIII.22-29
[Uniquement en anglais] Consideration of Item 9 of the Agenda : Public Information Activities

[Uniquement en anglais]

22. The Committee took note of the Report of the Secretariat on public information activities undertaken during the preceding year. The Committee also emphasized the importance of such activities in promoting and imple menting the World Heritage Convention.

23. The Committee requested the Secretariat that the royalties on the retail prices for Upsala Ekeby's commemorative Glass and Silverware go directly into the World Heritage Fund, and agreed that 10 % of these royalties (i.e. 2 % on the retail sales price) go to Unesco's Public Liaison Fund to cover expenses incurred through this project and to contribute to future public information activities for the Convention.

24. The representative of the United States of America and the observer from Canada asked the Secretariat to immediately inform Upsala Ekeby of the need to get prior authorization from their respective national authorities to use the name or image of sites under their jurisdiction. Upsala Ekeby should contact the United States and Canadian embassies before proceeding further with designs for the Grand Canyon, Independence Hall, Kluane/Wrangell St. Elias National Monument and Dinosaur Provincial Park.

25. The Secretariat was invited to examine the possibilities for producing a film on the Convention in collaboration with Member States. The States Parties to the Convention were invited to send the Secretariat lists of all films available concerning World Heritage Sites or regarding the Convention as a whole, indicating in each case, the conditions of copyright and manner of obtaining the films in question. Such a list could then be distributed widely by the Secretariat.

26. States Parties to the Convention were asked to provide the Secretariat with information regarding the distribution of slide series and postcards in their respective countries. It was also suggested that States Parties inform the Secretariat of their desire to host journalist seminars to increase public awareness through the mass media of the aims and scope of the Convention.

27. Member States were invited to keep the Secretariat informed of their efforts at the national level to promote the Convention. The Committee underlined the crucial importance of such activities for making the aims of the Convention more widely known in order to receive public support for its implementation and for education purposes.

28. In this connection the observer from Canada mentioned that four World Heritage Plaque unveiling ceremonies had taken place so far in his country. This kind of activity would be one very effective way of arousing a high degree of public interest in the Convention. Canada would be glad to share her experience in the preparation and holding of such ceremonies and other promotional activities with other States Parties. Canada will be happy to provide detailed information upon request.

29. The promotional and educational activities of the Australian Heritage Commission were presented to the Committee as an example of the efforts of States Parties to promote the Convention. The Commission is preparing a film, a major illustrated book on heritage sites in Australia and a travelling exhibition. In addition, the Commission has recently published a kit for use in secondary schools throughout Australia, a copy of which was presented to the Committee. The Australian delegate mentioned that the kit included a section on the Convention and that the material being produced by the Secretariat, in particular the Unesco Courier issue on the World Heritage Convention and the slide series could be incorporated in the kit.

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