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Décision 5 COM X.19-20
[Uniquement en anglais] Public Information activities

[Uniquement en anglais]

19. The Secretariat reported on public information activities under- taken in implementation of the decisions taken by the Committee at its fourth session. The attention of the Committee was drawn, in particular, to the problem of obtaining adequate visual material on World Heritage sites . With respect to future activities the Secretariat proposed to continue the implementation of the programme as undertaken and to focus a major part of its efforts on the establishment in each State Party of private foundations or associations for the purpose of promoting the objectives of the World Heritage Convention, as advocated by Article 17 of the Convention. Such private groups would be in a position to adapt the information provided by the Secretariat to the specific needs of the different categories of the population of their country, and this would enable a much larger public to be reached than has been so far.

20. During the discussion several delegates informed the Committee of initiatives undertaken in order to make the Convention known in their country and declared themselves ready to assist in the dissemination of the series of slides produced by the Secretariat. It was suggested in particular that an exhibition of the existing information material be organized for the next meeting of the Committee. The representative of IUCN announced that during the World National Parks Congress to be held in Bali, Indonesia, in 1982 a whole session would be devoted to the implementation of the World Heritage Convention. This congress, which will bring together over 400 of the world's experts on the manage- ment of protected areas, will boost the progress of the establishment of a tentative list of sites eligible for the World Heritage List. He also pointed out that several articles on the Convention had already appeared in the magazine "Parks" which is published by IUCN. Similarly, the representative of ICOMOS informed the Committee that from now onwards a notable place would be given to the Convention and its implementation in the ICOMOS periodical "Monumentum". At the close of the discussion, the Committee took note of the future activities proposed by the Secretariat in document CC-81/CONF/003/3 and in the note entitled "Philately at the service of the World Heritage Convention" and gave them its full support.

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