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N°: 1297

Management Planning Proposal for " Mount Kenya National Park/Natural Forest World Heritage Site Management Plan"

État partie
25 000 USD
Montant approuvé
30 juin 2000
Date de décision
Étape du processus
Montant demandé: 25 000 USD
Type d'assistance : Natural / Conservation
Modalité : Coopération technique
Previous Id: 2000-430
Banque mondiale : LIC
N° : 1297
Décision : Approuvé
Décision par : Bureau
Montant approuvé: 25 000 USD
Date de décision: 30 juin 2000

Décisions du Comité

Code : 24BUR VII4



Technical Co-operation

Guinea - Assessment of the State of Conservation of Mt. Nimba Strict Nature Reserve and Institutional Strengthening of the Centre for Environmental Management of Mt. Nimba - US$ 30,000

The Bureau authorized the Chairperson to approve up to an amount of US$ 30,000 for the request described in WHC-2000/CONF.202/12, subject to the Centre and the State Party co-operating to prepare a detailed budget breakdown and to achieve cost-savings for vehicle repairs, fuel costs, and the final report production.

Kenya - Preparation of a Management Plan for Mt. Kenya National Park/Natural Forest - US$ 25,000

The Bureau approved an amount of US$ 25,000 for the request as described in the WHC-2000/CONF.202/12.

Kenya - Preparation of a Management Plan for Sibiloi/Central Islands National Parks - US$ 25,300

The Bureau approved an amount of US$ 25,300 for the request, as described in WHC-2000/CONF.202/12.


Training Assistance

Madagascar - Building Capacity for World Heritage Area Planning in Southern Madagascar - US$ 30,000

The Bureau approved US $30,000 as a contribution towards direct costs for the project, as described in WHC-2000/CONF.202/12.

Malawi - Capacity Building for Lake Malawi National Park - Recommended approval to Committee

The Bureau recommended approval of US$ 37,094 by the Committee at its twenty-fourth session for the request as described in WHC-2000/CONF.202/12.


Technical Co-operation

Latvia - Digitizing Works on Computers for all existing utilities networks located in the Old Town of Riga - US$ 27,000

Latvia - Carrying out archaeological and historical investigations in the centre of the Old Town of Riga - US$ 29,579

The Bureau approved US$ 27,000 for the request as described in WHC-2000/CONF.202/12.

Turkmenistan - Technical Support for monitoring the principal earthen architectural monuments within Ancient Merv - US$ 30,000

The Bureau approved US$ 30,000 for the request as described in WHC-2000/CONF.202/12, subject to the State Party paying its dues to the World Heritage Fund, and requesting the Centre to co-ordinate the implementation of the activity in close collaboration with the State Party and CRATerre.

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