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N°: 1296

Evaluation mission to mount Nimba World Heritage site inscribed in the List of World Heritage in Danger, and Institutional support to the Centre for the Mount Nimba enviroment

État partie
30 000 USD
Montant approuvé
17 août 2000
Date de décision
Étape du processus
Montant demandé: 0 USD
Type d'assistance : Natural / Conservation
Modalité : Coopération technique
Previous Id: 2000-428
Banque mondiale : LIC
N° : 1296
Décision : Approuvé
Décision par : Président
Montant approuvé: 30 000 USD
Date de décision: 17 août 2000

Décisions du Comité

Code : 24BUR VII4



Technical Co-operation

Guinea - Assessment of the State of Conservation of Mt. Nimba Strict Nature Reserve and Institutional Strengthening of the Centre for Environmental Management of Mt. Nimba - US$ 30,000

The Bureau authorized the Chairperson to approve up to an amount of US$ 30,000 for the request described in WHC-2000/CONF.202/12, subject to the Centre and the State Party co-operating to prepare a detailed budget breakdown and to achieve cost-savings for vehicle repairs, fuel costs, and the final report production.

Kenya - Preparation of a Management Plan for Mt. Kenya National Park/Natural Forest - US$ 25,000

The Bureau approved an amount of US$ 25,000 for the request as described in the WHC-2000/CONF.202/12.

Kenya - Preparation of a Management Plan for Sibiloi/Central Islands National Parks - US$ 25,300

The Bureau approved an amount of US$ 25,300 for the request, as described in WHC-2000/CONF.202/12.


Training Assistance

Madagascar - Building Capacity for World Heritage Area Planning in Southern Madagascar - US$ 30,000

The Bureau approved US $30,000 as a contribution towards direct costs for the project, as described in WHC-2000/CONF.202/12.

Malawi - Capacity Building for Lake Malawi National Park - Recommended approval to Committee

The Bureau recommended approval of US$ 37,094 by the Committee at its twenty-fourth session for the request as described in WHC-2000/CONF.202/12.


Technical Co-operation

Latvia - Digitizing Works on Computers for all existing utilities networks located in the Old Town of Riga - US$ 27,000

Latvia - Carrying out archaeological and historical investigations in the centre of the Old Town of Riga - US$ 29,579

The Bureau approved US$ 27,000 for the request as described in WHC-2000/CONF.202/12.

Turkmenistan - Technical Support for monitoring the principal earthen architectural monuments within Ancient Merv - US$ 30,000

The Bureau approved US$ 30,000 for the request as described in WHC-2000/CONF.202/12, subject to the State Party paying its dues to the World Heritage Fund, and requesting the Centre to co-ordinate the implementation of the activity in close collaboration with the State Party and CRATerre.

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