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Sustainable Indicators in World Heritage Urban Areas, Mexico City, Mexico

mercredi 23 février 2011
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A mission was organized from the 30th January - 5th February 2010 in view of strengthening Spanish Funds-in-Trust technical cooperation, focusing on the Spanish Funds-in-Trust programme for indicators of sustainable development at World Heritage Historic Centres.
The objectives of the mission were:

  • Guide the roadmap to finalize the management plan of the city, as requested by the World Heritage Committee;
  • Evaluate the outcomes of the participatory methodology already applied in Xochimilco by UNESCO/WH Centre and UNESCO Office in Mexico;
  • Carry out a diagnosis of the State of Conservation as perceived by local inhabitants;
  • Apply the thematic approach identified in Cuba in April 2009.

The Mexican Authorities expressed their desire to invite the Director-General of UNESCO to the official presentation of the Management Plan of the Historic Centre in February 2011.

mercredi 23 février 2011
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