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Publication of the Comparative Analysis on Archaeology of Hunter-gatherers. Archaeological sites of the Chinchorro Culture

mardi 22 février 2011
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The International Meeting "The Chinchorro Culture from a Comparative Perspective ", took place in Arica, Chile, 5-8 January, 2010.

As a result of this meeting the World Heritage Centre is preparing a publication that will work in tandem in support of the process of the preparation of the nomination file of the Archaeological sites of the Chinchorro culture, Chile, focusing on identifying the OUV and the comparative analysis of the nomination. The Publication will include eight contributions from international experts.


To offer a comprehensive document outlining the Chinchorro archaeological sites:

  • A highly successful early adaptation of a hunter-gatherer society to an environment characterized by the juxtaposition of a hyper-arid coastal desert, extraordinarily rich marine resources, and the Andean Cordillera;
  • Exceptional preservation of the sites and landscapes associated with the Chinchorro peoples - combining extensive large archaeological sites, with deep stratigraphy and extraordinary preservation of organic remains - providing a rich early record of the developments of complex hunter-gather societies in the south central Andean region;
  • The world's earliest tradition of complex mortuary practices, involving the dismantling and systematic re-assembly of corpses to create artificial mummies that have extraordinary cultural, technological and artistic value, and which reflect the vital social role of the dead in early Amerindian cultures.
mardi 22 février 2011
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