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Enhancing the capacity of South Sudan towards a World Heritage nomination

vendredi 20 janvier 2023 à 17:00
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South Sudan ratified the World Heritage Convention in 2016 and established its first Tentative List in 2017 with three sites (one natural site, one cultural site and one mixed site). Since 2017, several capacity-building initiatives have been organized by UNESCO to support the State Party in developing its first World Heritage nomination despite the unstable political situation and security challenges.

In line with its new Operational Strategy for Priority Africa (2022-2029) and the framework of the “Capacity-building programme for the nomination of World Heritage sites in the Africa Region” supported by the government of Japan, UNESCO continues to assist the State Party in strengthening the national capacity for heritage nomination and conservation.

Following the agreement signed between the Government of South Sudan and African Parks for the management of Boma and Badingilo National Parks (the natural site on the Tentative List of South Sudan), UNESCO has been engaging with the State Party and all concerned partners to mobilize resources and collaboration for the preparation of South Sudan’s first World Heritage nomination dossier. In this regard, a capacity building workshop was organized in October 2022 to sensitize national stakeholders to the value and objectives of the World Heritage Convention. Senior representatives from the Ministries of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Museums and National Heritage, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, civil society organizations, including African Parks, and development partners participated in the workshop and joined the discussions with heritage experts on the current conservation status of the three sites on the Tentative List, as well as the gaps to be addressed to meet the World Heritage requirements.

Following these discussions, further engagement with the State Party will continue to set up clear roadmaps for nomination with all concerned stakeholders in 2023.