A poster competition for high school students was part of the "Heritage in Young Hands" awareness-raising campaign to promote understanding and appreciation among young Samoans about the meaning of "heritage", the World Heritage Convention, and the value of conserving and protecting cultural and natural heritage sites in Samoa. It was coordinated by the MNREM (Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment & Meteorology), the National Heritage Coordinating Committee and UNESCO.

The winners were selected from entries submitted by 9th and 10th grade students (14-15 years old) following set criteria concerning the layout, the reflection of the concept of conservation and protection, and a quality short essay on the chosen subject of the poster.

At the close of the competition in May 2005, the Samoan Government officially declared a "National Heritage Awareness Day" to commemorate Biodiversity and Heritage in Samoa. The Ministry (MNREM) is promoting the winning posters as national posters, and including them in the Heritage in Young Hands 2006 Calendar.

The manumea (tooth-billed pigeon), the national bird of Samoa, was the subject chosen by Iesiva Mareko of Avele College to express her urgent message to protect this heritage. She won the first prize in the poster competition.