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Building synergies: Gran Canaria Recommendation on Astronomical Heritage and Sacred Places  

mercredi 6 juin 2018
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Considering that the sky is the common heritage of all humanity, as well as recognizing the need to identify and reinforce the ties that exist between religious / sacred traditions and knowledge of the universe, that illustrate in many places the close relationship between spirituality, the skyscape and sacred places, experts from 18 States Parties from around the world and a wide range of organisations adopted the Gran Canaria Recommendation on Astronomical Heritage and Sacred Places

The objectives of the International Expert Meeting on Astronomical Heritage and Sacred Places, which took place from 23 to 24 May 2018 in Gran Canaria, Spain, were to contribute to the development of guidance on a holistic approach for recognition and management of the associations of both cultural and natural heritage as part of the Outstanding Universal Value of a World Heritage property, as well as to the development of general guidance on management of cultural and natural heritage of religious interest requested by the World Heritage Committee at its 35th session (UNESCO, 2011).

The meeting served as a platform for sharing experiences and lessons learned from activities implemented worldwide, building a promising basis for strengthened synergies between two UNESCO World Heritage Initiatives: Astronomy and World Heritage, and Heritage of Religious Interest.