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Periodic Reporting Tools and Guidance for World Heritage Site Managers in Spanish Language

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The World Heritage Committee at its 41st session launched the Third Cycle of Periodic Reporting and requested the World Heritage Centre ensure a holistic approach across all regions, by developing tools and guidance to facilitate a State Party-driven exercise while inviting States Parties to the Convention to contribute extrabudgetary resources for this purpose.

In this line, the World Heritage Centre has developed a set of training and guidance materials for national focal points and World Heritage site managers to assist them in the exercise.  

The tools and guidance are translated into Arabic to facilitate the reporting phase of the exercise in the Arab States region (2018-2019). As well as in Portuguese to for the benefit of the Portuguese-speaking States Parties undergoing the reporting exercise in the Africa region (2019-2020).  

The overarching vision of this project is to facilitate the Third Cycle of Periodic Reporting exercise for World Heritage site managers and of Spanish-speaking country in the reporting duties, in view that the Latin America and the Caribbean region will begin the exercise in 2021 and Europe in 2022.

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9 months

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The World Heritage Committee through Decision 41 COM 10 A engages States Parties to the Third Cycle of Periodic Reporting. World Heritage site managers and national authorities are invited to provide updated information on the application of the Convention within the State Party by means of an online Questionnaire.  The Committee decided that the World Heritage Centre should ensure “a holistic approach across regions, by providing overall coordination, guidance tools” and commended with Decision 42 COM 10A the development, by the World Heritage Centre, of comprehensive guidance materials in respond to ensure successful implementation of the exercise.

 Primarily, the materials improve understanding of the Periodic Reporting questions; clarify concepts respondents may not be familiar with, highlight the specific kind of information sought in challenging questions, and provide context and background to the thematic areas covered through linkages with publications, relevant World Heritage policies, documents and recommendations as well as external websites. The materials will function as a capacity-building tool in itself, which can be used for training by national authorities and Site Managers.


  1. Improve understanding of the Third Cycle Periodic Reporting. While the questionnaire should be answered in the language of the Convention, i.e. in English or French, the tools and guidance translated intends to help the Spanish-speakers site managers to better understand the overall exercise, including the questions of the questionnaire and key terms.
  2. Ensure dissemination of Periodic Reporting tool and guidance to Spanish-speaking World Heritage site managers and national focal point involved in the exercise of the Third Cycle.

  3. Promote the development of effective capacity-building measures for the understanding and implementation of the World Heritage Convention through Periodic Reporting.
  4. To promote the development of effective capacity-building measures for the understanding and implementation of the World Heritage Convention and related instruments.

& Beneficiaries

  1. An active, global knowledge and information-sharing platform for World Heritage Site Managers is created; managed by the World Heritage Centre, but driven by the Site Managers themselves, it becomes a hub of knowledge, full of discussions on World Heritage related matters and activities, best practice studies, innovative ideas, experiences and lessons learned.
    The community of World Heritage Site Mangers will interact via a closed social media platform which is widely used and accessible (such as a Facebook group, Instagram, etc.).
  2. Active engagement between World Heritage Site Managers and World Heritage stakeholders is enhanced, to allow them to disseminate and share experiences with large audiences, thereby engaging larger online communities in World Heritage issues.
  3. A sustainable, dynamic and direct line of communication between World Heritage Site Managers is established. The online forum of the network acts as a space to promote all World Heritage projects and programmes, as well as allowing trends and activities at World Heritage Sites to be followed and gaps in training and understanding to be identified.


  • January/mid-February 2021:

    • Document gathering, call for tenders for translations of tools and guidance 

     Mid-February 2021:

    • Concordance check of all translated materials

     By March 2021:

    • Design layout in Spanish of handbook, FAQ and List of key terms and brochure and online publication. Format of other document into Word and PDF format.

     April 2021:

    • Printing of handbook for Site Managers and Periodic Reporting brochure (hardcopies)

     June-September 2021:

    • Communication of the availability of the tools to designated relevant site managers of Spanish-speaking


The set of training and guidance materials developed in the framework of the Third Cycle of Periodic Reporting responds to a number of challenges identify during the Reflection Periodic (2015-2017), aimed to facilitate National Focal Points and World Heritage site managers in understanding of the questions of the Questionnaire, to elucidate concepts that may not be known by all respondents, to provide clarifications on the kind of  information sought in specific questions in the Periodic Reporting Questionnaire, and to provide context and background to many of the thematic areas.

The material developed includes:

  • A site managers’ handbook on Periodic Reporting describes the objectives, process and format of the exercise to a broad range of stakeholders in a concise manner, using clear and accessible language. The Handbook has initially been published in English and French,
  • Two animation videos: 1. Overview of the Periodic Reporting processes in clear and simple terms, 2. Explanation of key functionalities of the online tool, the main concepts involved and the assistance available, focused on Section 2 of the questionnaire,
  • Guidance to the questionnaire,
  • Index of key terms,
  • Frequently Asked Questions,
  • A Periodic Reporting Curriculum consisting of a series of four training modules on specific topics following the integration of sustainable development perspective into the Third Cycle questionnaire and
  • Periodic Reporting brochure with key information pertaining the Third Cycle exercise.


An estimated extra-budgetary funding of EUR 20 000 is foreseen for the implementation of this activity. These funds will cover translation costs, human resources, quality control of the translated texts, production of hardcopies of Site Managers handbook and brochure and its dissemination to the relevant site managers of the LAC and EUR regions as well as the subtitling and voice over of Periodic Reporting videos

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Fredérique Aubert (Ms)
Head of Unit
Policy and Statutory Meetings
World Heritage Centre

Valentino Etowar (Mr)
Periodic Reporting Support Coordinator 
Policy and Statutory Meetings Unit
World Heritage Centre

Objectifs stratégiques
Développement des capacités
Durée : 2 months