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Abdulkhan Bandi Dam

Date de soumission : 18/01/2008
Critères: (iv)
Catégorie : Culturel
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National Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan for UNESCO
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Jizzakh Region, Forish District
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According to the data of historian Khafizi, the dam of Abdulkhan bandi was built by Akhmadali Nayman atalik, constitutionally to the order of Abdulakhan, the ruler of Bukhara. Remains of dam were fixed first in 1913 last century. Remains of dam researched in 1957 and 1962. The dam of Abdulkhan bandi located in Biglarsay that flowed down from the south mountainside of the Nurata range. It assembled from worked out of flagstone on the water-resistance mortar. The dam is the whole complex of hydro engineering installation, where included the dam, floodgate on the beams, ground gallery with vertical mine and catastrophic spillway. The first sizes of dam: at the bottom - 73 m, top - 85 m, foundation width - 15,3 m, on top - 4,6 m, height - 15 m. Forcing edge of the dam almost vertical, the eastern part is in series. In the body of the dam established arched tunnel and two-tiered floodgate. First tier, presented itself as the horizontal through hole, closed lancet arch at the height of 1m, higher than base, the length is 19 m, the width is 50-60cm, and height is 1m. It was linked with located in the center of the dam of vertical shaft with 14m depth and 2m diameter. Second tier situated in 1m higher than previous and presented itself as a narrow and deep hole, with width of 50 cm, height of 12,5 also is linked with shaft. There are mortises for the installation of wooden beams in the middle of the hole, destined for the regulation of the water flow. On the right hand of the dam is established catastrophic spillway with 1m width and depth except of the two-tier floodgate.

Déclarations d’authenticité et/ou d’intégrité

The dam of Abdullahan bandi is an outstanding sample of hydro engineering installation, illustrated the important stage of engineering thoughts in the human history. The monument has preserved until our days in abovementioned sizes. There were repaired the restoration works on the monument. The conservation did not affect the monument, and it has been protected only after construction of the new dam.

Comparaison avec d’autres biens similaires

The dam of Abdullahan bandi is one of the main sources of hydro engineering history in Central Asia, which existed in the Middle Age epoch.