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Amérique latine et Caraïbes

Latin America and the Caribbean Region possesses a rich cultural and natural heritage. With 32 countries that have ratified the Convention Concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage and more than 128 properties inscribed on the World Heritage List, the statistics of the Region illustrate the current existence of 90 cultural, 35 natural and 3 mixed properties on the World Heritage List for their “Outstanding Universal Value”.

From archeological pre-Hispanic sites, exceptionally well preserved historical centres, breathtaking natural sites with exquisite, bio diverse landscapes, the Region’s World Heritage serves as a basis for further strengthening sustainable development and the role of local communities which is vital for heritage protection and management. A well Protected World Heritage site contributes directly to environmental, social and economic development and helps better the life of the local community. This process constitutes a great challenge for the years to come, both for the State Parties to the Convention and for UNESCO.

Regional Ongoing Activities
  • Regional activites in cooperation with regional offices
  • Category II Centers
  • Caribbean CCBP (Capacity Building Strategy)
Preparatory Works towards the Action Plan
  • Slave Route
  • International Conservation Plan for Mayan Sites
  • Extreme Poverty and World Heritage in LAC
  • Cultural Landscapes
  • Mixed Sites
  • Heads in LAC
  • Marine Sites

Periodic Reporting in Latin America and the Caribbean (Second Cycle)

The process of preparing for the Second Cycle of Periodic Reporting was implemented with the intention of strengthening the capacities of States Parties to LAC. Close cooperation was reached, with the purpose of reaching the objectives of the Retrospective Inventory exercise and contributing to the official presentation of the Retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) for all sites inscribed in the Region (Decision 31COM11D.1, Para 7 - Christchurch, 2007) prior to the official launch of the exercise which will take place during the 35th Session of the World Heritage Committee (Manama, 2011).

Periodic Reporting on the Application of the World Heritage Convention in Latin America and the Caribbean (First Cycle)

The Committee expressed its wished to examine the States Parties periodic reports region by region. The World Heritage Committee decided to examine the Report on the State of the World Heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean at its session in 2004.

The UNESCO World Heritage Centre, through the Adviser for World Heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean based at the UNESCO Office in Montevideo, will coordinate the periodic reporting process, will provide assistance to States Parties and will ensure the preparation of the regional synthesis report.