In Focus

  • Exploring the Spice Route
    The Spice Route linked the Mediterranean
    basin to the Far East for over 2,500 years. (p.6)
  • Trade Routes of the Desert
    A journey across the desert trails of
    the empires of antiquity. (p.22)
  • The Routes of Santiago
    Pilgrims’ itinerary and path of civilization. (p.32)


Interview with Dr Sandy Blair
Routes from an Australian point of view. (p.42)


Qhapaq Ñan
A continental cultural route (p.44)

From our Advisory Bodies

The UNESCO-ICOMOS Documentation Centre
A resource centre for World Heritage
cultural and mixed properties. (p.54)


Dialogue of cultures and a culture of
dialogue; New European Framework
Convention on social functions of heritage;
Call for ratification of the Convention on the
Protection of the Underwater Cultural
Heritage; Man and the Biosphere
Programme awards twenty-six grants;
Convention on Cultural Diversity enters into
force. (p.58-61)


  • Preservation
    Heritage workers risk their lives; Before
    disaster strikes; The Persepolis Proposal;
    Europeans meet on future; Threats to Dja;
    Batanga, Maabi and Bagyeli Pygmies and
    heritage conservation; Reflecting on Periodic
    Reporting; Progress on the Qhapaq Ñan
    nomination; Conservation and development
    at Haiti’s National History Park.(p.62-69)
  • Sites in danger
    Emergency Consolidation of the Minaret of
    Jam; Priorities for the Philippine Rice
    Terraces; Hippos Massacred in Virunga
    National Park. (p.72-75)
  • Outreach
    European heritage days; Belgian scientific
    expertise to benefit World Heritage;
    Grading heritage sites; Children do the
    teaching; Hostel heritage; 2006-07 World
    Heritage Map available; Anniversary at
    Dorset and East Devon Coast.. (p.76-78)

In Print & Online

A selection of books, brochures or
publications, press articles and multimedia
dedicated to World Heritage. (p. 80)