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CONF 001 VI.47

Durmitor National Park (Yugoslavia)

The Bureau was informed that this site was threatened by a proposed hydropower project which would affect water quality in the Tara River and flood a portion of the Tara Canyon, which is one of this site's World Heritage values. The Bureau was also concerned that the Government of Montenegro, who have authority over the Park, is constructing a large asphalt plant upstream beside the Tara River which is already causing some water pollution. The Bureau requested the Secretariat to contact the Yugoslav authorities in order to clarify the current status of plans for the development of the hydropower project and the asphalt plant. At its next session, if the Committee finds, on the basis of information provided by Yugoslav authorities that the integrity of this site is seriously threatened, then it may request the Yugoslav authorities to nominate this site for inclusion in the List of World Heritage in Danger.

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Context of Decision
PDF SC-91/CONF.002/02
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Montenegro
Session: 15BUR