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Committee Decisions

CONF 001 VI.48

Plitvice Lake National Park (Yugoslavia)

The Bureau was concerned that this Park has been abandoned by the staff due to the civil unrest in the region and that destruction of forests and park facilities, hunting of bears and dynamite fishing were occurring due to lack of any supervision of the Park. The Bureau requested the Secretariat to convey its concern to the Yugoslav authorities and urge them to seek a speedy solution to the problem. The Bureau also suggested that if the situation in the region improved in the immediate future, then the Yugoslavian authorities be requested to invite a joint IUCN/UNESCO mission to assess the state of conservation of this Park. The findings of the joint consultancy mission, if it is undertaken before the forthcoming session of the Committee should be reported to the Committee.

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Context of Decision
PDF SC-91/CONF.002/02
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Croatia
Session: 15BUR