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New Inscribed Properties
Significant modifications to the boundaries
Image World Heritage nomination States Parties Category Criteria Dossier
Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque Hydraulic System Mexico inscribed Cultural (i)(ii)(iv) 1463
Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalú and Monreale Italy inscribed Cultural (ii)(iv) 1487
Baekje Historic Areas Republic of Korea inscribed Cultural (ii)(iii) 1477
Baptism Site “Bethany Beyond the Jordan” (Al-Maghtas) Jordan inscribed Cultural (iii)(vi) 1446
Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars France inscribed Cultural (iii)(iv)(vi) 1465
Christiansfeld, a Moravian Church Settlement Denmark inscribed Cultural (iii)(iv) 1468
Cultural Landscape of Maymand Iran (Islamic Republic of) inscribed Cultural (v) 1423rev
Diyarbakır Fortress and Hevsel Gardens Cultural Landscape Türkiye inscribed Cultural (iv) 1488
Ephesus Türkiye inscribed Cultural (iii)(iv)(vi) 1018rev
Fray Bentos Industrial Landscape Uruguay inscribed Cultural (ii)(iv) 1464
Great Burkhan Khaldun Mountain and its surrounding sacred landscape Mongolia inscribed Cultural (iv)(vi) 1440
Necropolis of Bet She’arim: A Landmark of Jewish Renewal Israel inscribed Cultural (ii)(iii) 1471
Rjukan-Notodden Industrial Heritage Site Norway inscribed Cultural (ii)(iv) 1486
Rock Art in the Hail Region of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia inscribed Cultural (i)(iii) 1472
San Antonio Missions United States of America inscribed Cultural (ii) 1466
Singapore Botanic Gardens Singapore inscribed Cultural (ii)(iv) 1483
Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution: Iron and Steel, Shipbuilding and Coal Mining Japan inscribed Cultural (ii)(iv) 1484
Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus District with Chilehaus Germany inscribed Cultural (iv) 1467
Susa Iran (Islamic Republic of) inscribed Cultural (i)(ii)(iii)(iv) 1455
The Climats, terroirs of Burgundy France inscribed Cultural (iii)(v) 1425
The Forth Bridge United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland inscribed Cultural (i)(iv) 1485
The par force hunting landscape in North Zealand Denmark inscribed Cultural (ii)(iv) 1469
Tusi Sites China inscribed Cultural (ii)(iii) 1474
Blue and John Crow Mountains Jamaica inscribed Mixed (iii)(vi)(x) 1356rev
Routes of Santiago de Compostela: Camino Francés and Routes of Northern Spain Spain Significant modifications to the boundaries
Cultural (ii)(iv)(vi) 669bis
Cape Floral Region Protected Areas South Africa Significant modifications to the boundaries
Natural (ix)(x) 1007bis
Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park Viet Nam Significant modifications to the boundaries
Natural (viii)(ix)(x) 951bis