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Integrating cultural and natural heritage values in urban development processes in Lyon (France) Historic Site of Lyon France The 2019 urban plan aims to protect cultural and natural heritage values and their attributes through specific planning tools, such as green and blue infrastructure planning and the development of heritage ... Climate Change
Environment & Resilience
Preventing climate-related impacts in the Chan Chan Archaeological Zone (Peru) Chan Chan Archaeological Zone Peru After Chan Chan was placed on the List of World Heritage in Danger, a disaster risk reduction plan was developed and integrated with heritage management mechanisms. The plan provided valuable strategies for ... Climate Change
Environment & Resilience
Restoring Life to the Community in Lamu Old Town, Kenya Kenya The Lamu Old Town, a World Heritage Site on the coast of East Africa about 350 km north of Mombasa, has seen its public spaces refreshed, access improved, and pride in the city's status as the oldest and best ... Sustainable Tourism 2023-03-31
Accessible cultural tourism in the old city of Luxembourg (Luxembourg) City of Luxembourg: its Old Quarters and Fortifications Luxembourg On the 25th Anniversary of the site's inscription on the World Heritage List, new tours aim to open the World Heritage site to everyone, including citizens with special needs. By partnering with relevant community ... Inclusion & Participation 2023-02-16
Developing a new methodology for urban regeneration: the ROCK project in Bologna (Italy) The Porticoes of Bologna Italy A pilot project to enhance public spaces using participatory processes helped to identify key lessons which can be later applied to other areas and cities. Knowledge & Skills 2023-02-16
Setting up a World Heritage management framework in Kyiv (Ukraine) Kyiv: Saint-Sophia Cathedral and Related Monastic Buildings, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Ukraine A new, unified buffer zone and a management plan aim to preserve the Outstanding Universal Value of the World Heritage site “Kyiv: Saint-Sophia Cathedral and Related Monastic Buildings, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra” and ... Environment & Resilience 2023-02-16
Conserving World Heritage through international partnerships in Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park (Saint Kitts ... Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Saint Kitts and Nevis Between 2013 and 2020, an extensive programme of expert surveying, studies and conservation works aimed to reinforce and stabilise the military structures of the World Heritage site. The programme was implemented ... Environment & Resilience 2023-02-16
Monitoring the implementation of the World Heritage Management and Action Plan in the Historic Centre of Florence ... Historic Centre of Florence Italy An innovative initiative employs the Sustainable Development Goals as monitoring tools to track the contribution of heritage-related initiatives towards sustainable development.  Environment & Resilience
Knowledge & Skills
Creating a digital archive of historic documents and photographs of World Heritage sites in Iraq Ashur (Qal'at Sherqat)
Erbil Citadel
Samarra Archaeological City
The Ahwar of Southern Iraq: Refuge of Biodiversity and the Relict Landscape of the Mesopotamian Cities
Iraq In order to preserve historical documents related to World Heritage sites, the Iraqi State Board of Heritage and Antiquities has proposed to digitise historical documents from different archives and archive in a ... Knowledge & Skills 2023-02-16
Connecting young people with their cultural heritage in Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation) Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments Russian Federation The community event encourages young people to deepen their knowledge about cultural heritage and propose ideas for its conservation through workshops, cultural visits, educational activities and an ideas ... Inclusion & Participation 2023-02-16
Washing of the Valongo Wharf, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Valongo Wharf Archaeological Site Brazil The symbolic ritual of cleaning and purification pays tribute to the spirits of the African ancestors who reached this entry port in captivity. The ritual started shortly after the discovery of the remains in 2011, ... Inclusion & Participation 2023-02-16
Improving the connection between heritage and young people in archaeological sites in Djémila (Algeria) Djémila Algeria An ongoing programme in a remote Algerian town aims to connect the local community with the archaeological site through workshops and activities for young residents. Inclusion & Participation
Knowledge & Skills
Pedestrianisation of historic streets and public spaces in Graz (Austria) City of Graz – Historic Centre and Schloss Eggenberg Austria As part of a wider effort to create a pedestrian-only zone in the historic centre, the city of Graz carried an ambitious programme to re-design its historic streets and public spaces through high-quality design ... Climate Change
Environment & Resilience
Local management system of the Historic Town of Guanajuato (Mexico) Historic Town of Guanajuato and Adjacent Mines Mexico The system includes a new local coordination office dedicated to the conservation and sustainable development of the historic centre. Environment & Resilience 2023-02-16
Atlas World Heritage: sharing knowledge and skills amongst European World Heritage cities Bordeaux, Port of the Moon
Historic Centre of Florence
Historic Centre of Oporto, Luiz I Bridge and Monastery of Serra do Pilar
Old and New Towns of Edinburgh
Santiago de Compostela (Old Town)
France · Italy · Portugal · Spain · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland The initiative Atlas World Heritage brings together the cities of Florence, Santiago de Compostela, Edinburgh, Oporto, Bordeaux to share their experiences and strategies to safeguard the sites’ OUV. The project has ... Knowledge & Skills 2023-02-16
Promoting traditional environmental knowledge in the M’Zab Valley (Algeria) M'Zab Valley Algeria The traditional settlements of the M’Zab valley were adapted to their environment and climate. Floodable areas were occupied only by temporary structures and not by dwellings. Water infrastructure was a core ... Climate Change
Knowledge & Skills
Community conservation: Timbuktu Timbuktu Mali As of May 2012, the Government of Mali sought help from the international community through UNESCO. Timbuktu and the Tomb of Askia were placed on the List of World Heritage in Danger and UNESCO initiated a series of ... Conservation of Cultural Sites
Earthen Architecture
Evolving together: Tongariro Tongariro National Park New Zealand The site’s values are communicated to the public through signage, publications and interpretation at visitor centres. The Maori have been involved in creating displays explaining the cultural and natural ... Conservation of Cultural Sites
Cultural landscapes
Creating reconciliation: Mostar Bridge Old Bridge Area of the Old City of Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina During the conflict that tore apart the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, the beautiful Old Bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was completely destroyed. Conservation of Cultural Sites
Community-led urban planning in Durham (United Kingdom) Durham Castle and Cathedral United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland The City of Durham Neighbourhood Plan was developed between 2014 and 2021 following a comprehensive community-centred approach, which included a Neighbourhood Forum, extensive consultations and a public referendum. ... Environment & Resilience
Inclusion & Participation
Adapting the approach of the HUL Recommendation for Indonesian universities Indonesia The 2021 publication Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) Quick Scan Method. Handbook for Indonesian University Lecturers aims to adapt the HUL Approach to the Indonesian context and promote interdisciplinary learning in ... Knowledge & Skills 2022-06-27
“Qhapaq Ñan, Andean Road System: New steps towards its sustainable conservation” Qhapaq Ñan, Andean Road System Argentina · Bolivia (Plurinational State of) · Chile · Colombia · Ecuador · Peru The 2021 publication compiles good practices and expert perspectives on the conservation and sustainable management of this serial property, including regarding tangible and intangible heritage conservation, ... Knowledge & Skills 2022-06-27
Developing a participatory approach to World Heritage management in Mtskheta (Georgia) Historical Monuments of Mtskheta Georgia National and local stakeholders are brought together in the Georgian World Heritage Protection Council. The Council reviews all proposals within the World Heritage properties and buffer zones and ensures adequate ... Inclusion & Participation 2022-06-27