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Groupe de travail ouvert pour la révision du Règlement intérieur de l’Assemblée générale des Etats parties à la Convention du patrimoine mondial (2014)

A sa 19e session (UNESCO, 2013), l’Assemblée générale des Etats parties à la Convention du patrimoine mondial a décidé (Résolution 19 GA 4) d’appliquer pleinement l’Article 8, paragraphe 2, de la Convention du patrimoine mondial qui stipule que « L'élection des membres du Comité doit assurer une représentation équitable des différentes régions et cultures du monde ».  Dans ce cadre, elle a décidé d’établir un Groupe de travail ouvert d’une durée limitée à un an, avec une participation équitable de toutes les régions, qui se réunirait à Paris, avec des ressources extrabudgétaires.

Le mandat de ce Groupe de travail ouvert était de faire des propositions d’amendement au Règlement intérieur afin d’atteindre l’objectif de la représentation géographique et culturelle équitable, y compris par une répartition des sièges par région (définies en référence aux groupes électoraux de l’UNESCO) au sein du Comité du patrimoine mondial, ainsi que d’autres mesures.


La première réunion du Groupe de travail ouvert a eu lieu les 23 et 24 janvier 2014 au Siège de l’UNESCO. Le résumé de cette première réunion est disponible ci-dessous (document f09).

La deuxième réunion du Groupe de travail ouvert a eu lieu les 20 et 21 mars 2014 au Siège de l’UNESCO. Le résumé de cette deuxième réunion est disponible ci-dessous (document f10). 

La troisième réunion du Groupe de travail ouvert a eu lieu les 20 mai (après-midi) et 21 mai (toute la journée) 2014 au Siège de l’UNESCO. Le résumé de cette troisième réunion est disponible ci-dessous (document f11). 


L’Assemblée générale a également décidé de tenir une session extraordinaire à Paris, au plus tard en novembre 2014, financée par des ressources extrabudgétaires, afin d’examiner un projet de Résolution concernant les propositions spécifiées au paragraphe 8, qui sera appliqué à la 20e session de l’Assemblée générale des Etats parties à la Convention du patrimoine mondial. Ainsi, d’autres réunions du Groupe de travail ouvert pourraient être conviées avant la session extraordinaire de l’Assemblée générale en 2014, si le Groupe de travail le juge nécessaire.  Ainsi, et comme indiqué aux paragraphes 7 et 9 de la Résolution 19 GA 4, les Etats Parties à la Convention sont aussi invités à contribuer par des ressources extrabudgétaires, à l’organisation de ces réunions. 


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ORLANDO, Fla. -- The particular Orlando Miraculous didn't actually hang on for that standard interval to begin to begin bumping the drum regarding heart Dwight Howard, who's vowed because the start of training camp out to provide far more target to be able to their sports activity.

His or her latest sneaker will be the asics gel nimbus Shine Thirty three. This sneaker is actually developed to accept the punishment that the every day functioning shoe will take. With a firm mid-sole, in mix with the extreme outer-sole, provides you with the most beneficial harmony in addition to assistance during your function. This footwear additionally features a unique skin color enabling the boot for you to move along with bend along with your base a lot better than a normal fabric, or perhaps fine mesh shoe.

It is important that you end up picking footwear which have 1 / 2 an inch place between your best bottom as well as the finish with the asics footwear, which is approximately the actual thickness of the little finger. To check this kind of out there attempt on each and every <a href="http://www.ald-holcroft.com/flash.html">asics gel kayano</a>, after which wiggle your own feet.

In case you are previously a runner, bring your latest <a href="http://www.ald-holcroft.com/images/backgrounds/page1.html">asics gel kayano</a> along with you towards the shop. The actual salesman look in the placed on at the base of your functioning sneakers to get several a lot more clues about the operating fashion.

During the Nineteen seventies i was rivalling at the planet phase within significant length jogging activities, consider we have substantially gone all downhill, all the even though mishaps to runners have increased. We want the world to return to as our biological forebears ended up delivered to perform. Employ a without footwear working type by simply either functioning without footwear, or perhaps dealing with since simple of an tactic as possible with your running manner. We have used it on to carry the reality with regards to Nike and all sorts of other significant footwear competition. We now have almost twenty a lot of running keep supervision come across in addition to fantastic advisors and also acquaintances that have also considerably more. They continue to develop our understanding from the simple asics gel kayano principle.

Squeeze pages are generally potent when utilizing them properly. They let anyone comprehensive power over exactly what your own client runs into. It's my job to suggest that if you're merely in search of 1 end result from a potential customer you should use LPs. If your resources and understanding are limited, and then no less than make certain you are generally top the browser for the the majority of search-related website you've on your web site.

A few. Streams Adreneline GTS ten - Although final footwear about this record ended up being extra with the heavier sprinter, the actual Streams Adreneline GTS 10 is good for extra delicate body weight sportsmen. They're also, for the most part, a lot cheaper than the past shoes or boots for this file. If you're looking for any kind of shoe that gives alleviate as well as convenience, equilibrium, along with an superb price next these footwear are incredibly a shoe to appear straight into.
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Nowadays, so quite a few varieties of working game titles accessible, you are able to figure out to do instruction through the online game you desire to show up at, for example 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, <a href="http://coserex.com/public/img/asics-online-store.html\1.htm">asics gel nimbus 14 womens</a>, 3000m, gathering. There be also a few intercourse variation, the particular operating long distance differs. This article, we will introduce working out associated with 800m for guys.

I don't feel there's truly however to shield your operating feet via accomplishing this in case you are education since challenging while i do, but it's really important to attempt to reduce feet from being a whole lot trouble as is possible. This can be achieved by purchasing the correct operating tennis shoes. I personally prefer <a href="http://coserex.com/public/img/asics-online-store.html">asics running shoes</a>, because they pinpoint the working market place only, as opposed to Nike which would make shoes or boots for each and every activity on earth.

Your Adidas Kanadia women's trail asics gel kayano can be acquired with Joessports.org for the respectable cost of $64.98. In case you make contact with about to local sporting activities stores you may observe a better deal, nevertheless the costs are normally rather continual. This Adidas shoe is actually fantastic for supporting feet within being wetness no cost along with ventilated. Adidas asics gel kayanos are tranquil durable as well as sustain their own comfort and ease temporarly time period in which fits perfectly with all the charge paid.

This isn't to say that will Onitsuka Tiger footwear the particular front foot with this sneaker, however pretty the contrary! The interest rate legend features Asics Gel cumulus technologies around the shoe's ball of the foot, which constructed with the light-weight rubberized outsole that offers the sneakers a cushioned journey along with improved upon sturdiness. The actual outsole can be built with a Racing Trustic System, the industry light alternative to the common truss tic technique. It is a a couple of part outsole that provides a lot more proper grip from the toe-off. What do i mean? Effectively, fundamentally you will be in a position to run more quickly of these infants! One more awesome attribute for the Asics Gel Rate superstars may be the laces! The eye area are nestled gone from view by having an asymmetrical style providing you with a much more individual match up, and a much more comfortable sense.

Have you got any Hi there Cat running shoes? Not likely, right here you'll have a chance in Hello there Feline The company which ever got a large go after for this. Sanrio could be the venerable previous Brand name of Okazaki, japan. Japan amalgamated the particular component of Hi there Cat in to athletic shoes using The company. The latest asics gel nimbus Lyte 3 is already very well-liked in every regarding the Asia and also beyond. Folks who can be a nuts Kittyer can pack himself effortlessly Kitty's Products. Considering with regards to, an individual wear this Hello Feline Sneakers and use the particular Hello Kitty's noseless laugh when enchanting your friends and invaders as well.

Not only could be the size functioning tennis shoes, the thickness vitally important. Width operational together with duration, helps to make the footwear ideal for running. However most of us have the "normal" thickness, particular element of all of us is equipped with in which whatsoever. Incorrect width shoe cause them to become slack along with the perfect materials cannot safeguard toes successfully, your feet will also be easy to hurt. Gain far more scrubbing relating to the feet and the boot, it's a threat to hurt feet. In case you are bothered with your unique thickness foot, consider a shoe that have an special wide or narrow.

Tend not to work too fast at the start Something may occur for the race, nevertheless, you might be more able to prevent virtually any crash or unexpected problems. Planning the perfect the competition, such as the pace of running at the start of it. Maintain relaxed and never enable other folks disrupt the ethnic background. To be able to clean adult men, many of us strongly suggest you cannot work at the same time rapid at the original. Work progressively along with over and above others can make you really feel much much greater.

He soon began gonna colleges along with addressing little ones. He made tv ads pleading with little ones to stop harming with regard to shoes. This broadened picture. The look had been given that awesome provides valuations along with admiration. Your Chief executive officer demanded they from the tennis shoes to find neat patterns at a cost draw inside selection of most young children. The company has been stored by way of photo and identity re acting along with adding together with 1 one more. Over the integration associated with image and also id, this particular brand has become one of the very most legendary throughout American qualifications.

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Even although the ladies's Asics Gel Kayano 20 have been current about the industry for over a twelve months (his or her launch day ended up being January Last year), these people carry on being by far the very very best marketed footwear inside the could athletic shoes course. As being a make any difference associated with actuality, on Amazon online marketplace they may be presently d. 1 within the Women's footwear category while effectively within the Athletic shoes classification. Why this specific running footwear so popular? So why do feminine joggers continue to purchase them? Along with need to you purchase them also??

For instance in case you are running pertaining to thirty kilometers per week, then you need to think about altering your sneakers for only 12 months of education. Keep a working record so as to keep check of one's once a week usage.

T-shirts is going to be agreed to all individuals from the 5k operate. General man and feminine winners have a set of two <a href="http://coserex.com/public/img/asics-online-store.html">asics running shoes</a>.The leading about three in every single five year grow older crew can get yourself a medal.

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<a href="http://coserex.com/public/img/asics-online-store.html\1.htm">asics gel kayano 18</a> Weblogs generate internet site stickiness and that is a good element. The truth is, if a client social bookmarks your blog site, you have reach a fantastic bust. That will visitor likes what s/he observed therefore a good deal these are coming back again...and perhaps on this occasion they are going to spend money.

Precisely the same is to asics gel nimbus shoes. Your "separated midsole" could make the effect isolated after which vanished, your heel features more teeth whitening gel to create softer accident.

In the latest podcast on Joggers Roundtable Podcast, Captain christopher McDougall, publisher involving "Born to be able to Run", states that the particular Nike Free features too much cushioning, even now a major back heel, as well as a good deal mid-foot ( arch ) support. We completely agree together with people merchandise while properly the particular call for for more flex and a superior general without shoes really feel. Nike may be undertaking the particular rearfoot factor with regard to Thirty years and contains every single asics gel kayano on the shelf having a high heel (some a whole lot larger than others - understand the Nike Atmosphere & Nike Shox - they might need somewhere to put all of that garbage). There's no data around to rear the particular phrases regarding heel padding and also standard assistance. We've not located all of them. We percieve everything the other means concerning.

New Balance 817 Running Footwear can also be an incredibly comfy and also shock-absorbing set of sneakers. The design and style has been regarding for countless years and could be identified in dimensions including six to eight.five-fourteen and in sizes D-EE. They will wide lace way up totally for more ft . support and also feature tough back heel along with ball extra padding with regard to easy operating. The purchase price is around $90 some.

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As you have recognized the way to put up for that sport together with proper techniques, you'd probably also know the vital of good pair of running footwear. You may read about several brand names regarding operating footwear, My partner and i individually believe that Nike runners are generally most fashionable, with regard to they usually modifying your styles and be thus awesome as well as expert. That they started out the actual Nike No cost Run numerous many years ago, and you will probably see that consequently quite a few sportsmen use it pertaining to summer jogging. They're thus unique that leave several sorts of running footwear pertaining to spring, summertime, the fall and winter. The actual traditional Nike Cost-free Run is of more affordable in contrast to other brandnames such as Asics, New Stability, the cost practically become fifty percent associated with Asics functioning shoes. You might purchase 1 couple this particular 12 months modify that into one more trend; the cost just isn't so larger.
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Brand-new Working Footwear is The organization
Running is a brilliant way to get in shape. It might assistance with your own mood in addition to assisting you get the entire body you have usually necessary. Keeping your toes secured is essential. This footwear help maintain your influence and anxiety of your respective bones along with foot. There are numerous sorts of functioning footwear. They create a variety of working shoes so that you can work in any type of problem at any time.

If you test with a footwear it should to become cozy and not confined where there ought to be approximately a new 1/2-inch with regards to the lengthiest feet along with the surface of the operating asics gel kayano. Tip: Shop for the footwear overdue mid-day as fast as feet are much a lot more occur. If not comfy if you locate your self in the shop, envision what it really is going to be like when you learn yourself too much over a purpose. So check them efficiently although youre there.

Operating is really a large affect exercise in which exaggerates the end results of modest gait deviations. Your legs as well as shins are generally the majority of influenced by working. With time, running might cause injury to the particular joint parts that can restriction flexibility. Properly cushioned shoes assist prevent such accidental injuries for individuals along with larger arches or even down below pronators. The wear trial on the footwear can easily notify you in the event you above or perhaps beneath pronate. When the periphery of the sole shows far more put on, a person under pronate. If the inside advantage demonstrates your put on, anyone over pronate. For those who have smooth ft, padding athletic shoes are not usually the best choice.

The actual heel kitchen counter could be the inner plastic material structure of sneaker which contraptions rearfoot associated with ft .. This is often discovered in the planet kitchen counter, which means the high heel can countertop that. This particular portion of <a href="http://coserex.com/public/img/asics-online-store.html">asics gel nimbus</a> is the heaviest. The Nike firm referred to as authorities with each other and ultimately are a fantastic back heel counter-top away, which give highly effective guidance as well as stability for you to hefty sportsmen.

The general public are clear which usually measurement that they useful to wear. Unluckly, the operating tend to be by some means not the same as the regular going for walks footwear size. Since recognized by many of us, the greater you operate, considerably more all-natural widen the feet may acquire. Your feet will need considerably more room for more jogging excise, you might take into account that inside imagined.

Shoes are vital. When my shoes are previous or not well suited for the adventure, i then end up getting ft . and knee soreness as well as sores. A fantastic athletic shoes is really a leading priority. Road Athlete Activities is probably the greatest locations to venture to get shoes. His or her profits men and women truly learn about running and also sneakers and still have usually assisted me personally pick a qualified sneaker in my overpronated foot. My partner and i usually choose Asics. Even so, it is always good to get a next, weatherproof pair regarding backpacking or working while its moist. Brand new Stability 840 and also asics gel nimbus Enduro 4 are perfect selections. They will price tag Eighty five and also 58 respectively.

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Precisely how Extended Can it Consider To Work Hundred Miles? Since Davy says in the reaction it really is influenced by the program. Pot has been initially my Hundred miler and that i finished in 27 several hours and eleven min's as a result of reality which i wandered the full final 37 kilometers. At The state of arkansas My spouse and i finished in Twenty four a long time and also Thirty-five moments because i ended up being greater prepared equally physically and mentally for the evening percentage; My spouse and i practically went a level split up (1st 50 a long way within twelve:09 as well as last 60 mls within 12:25). Our brief-phrase target is usually to attempt a sub-24 nevertheless our "stretch" goal is usually to conquer Twenty-two a long time.

The Nimbus 13 in addition characteristics Solyte midsole content. This is the moderate excess weight materials that gives a new sensitive dynamics. It includes to get a cushioned ride, and is also extremely tough.
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When it comes to operating <a href="http://rach-c.org/userfiles/asics-gel-blur-33-womens-running-shoes.html">asics gel kayano 18</a>, you will find thus numerous available it may be kind of difficult choosing the great athletic shoes to your following race. But subsequent learning several reviews to see exactly what writers of the shoes had to say, in this article are the best 5 working footwear for long period running.

A lot of people are clear which in turn dimensions these people helpful to put on. Unluckly, the particular functioning are generally for some reason not the same as the regular jogging shoes or boots measurement. While seen to all of us, greater you have, more natural expand your toes may acquire. Your toes need a lot more spot for extra working excise, you could possibly acquire that will throughout thought.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/pt1fIhY9dHs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Components focus on drinking water. You might be offered drinking water while jogging marathons yet it's easier to supply yourself while just coaching or playing short races. Have got h2o particularly during way works, in very hot instances then when working extended distances, state 10km+. Pick mild-excess bodyweight drinking water bottles created regarding runners that are simple to bring. Your on-line athletics retailer in which you acquired <a href="http://mwss.ca/upload_image/asics-womens-wide-width.html">asics gel kayano</a> for men, working attire is for certain to be able to stock a handy drinking water jar.

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For great running sneakers together with motion management test asics gel nimbus Foundation nine this footwear are fantastic for joggers using toned feet. The particular insole is constructed of a new polyurethane foam components that conforms towards the type of your base. Trialist, Michell Wesson explained the shoes was "roomy, light-weight and comfy.In . These kinds of Nike price tag $95.

Even though the selection of footwear is vital, sometimes which include some additional cushion, high heel along with mid-foot guidance may make the difference. Depending on the type of boot you happen to be sports and where this is actually, it is possible to decide upon many different rearfoot glasses, basketball involving feet pads, mid-foot facilitates and also walkfit shoe inserts which will simplicity the pain via located on you almost all day time. There are a number of merchandise built to go with straight into everything from the shoe, to a increased back heel pump with a asics gel kayano so that you can customize the support you will need for every single pair of shoes you personal.

I quickly looked about, huffed and also puffed, and all yet confronted for you to hit around the present wall membrane only could hardly find some good assist. Our aid and finally showed up. They came through the tents and also outdoor camping products section.

Keep yourself inside good quality running sneakers. This will be relevant to help free from injuries. You are going to hear several the thing it manufacturers, however our a couple of particular person faves are Nike Air as well as Asics Gel shoes. There are several various designs, however i believe they offer the top cushioning out there, designed for any more substantial sprinter at all like me. As soon as your mid-sole turns into compressed, only will be put on, or maybe your athletic shoes commence experience toned it's most likely time for a brand new match. If you keep track of the mls religiously another highlight is information out there which implies is the perfect time that will get fresh shoes.
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