The main objectives of this evaluation are to assess the Centre’s performance with respect to its objectives and functions, as specified in the agreement between UNESCO and the host Government, and its contribution to UNESCO’s strategic programme objectives and sectoral or intersectoral programme priorities and themes.

The findings of the evaluation will serve as the basis for the Sector Review Committee’s recommendation to the Director-General as to whether the Agreement should be renewed. The Director-General will then provide the results of these evaluations, including the endorsement or rejection to renew the agreement to the Executive Board. The approval of the Executive Board will be required before the Director-General can proceed with the renewal of an agreement between UNESCO and the Government of Brazil.

The results of this evaluation will be shared with the Government of Brazil and the Centre, and presented to the Executive Board, as specified in the Integrated Comprehensive Strategy. They will also be made available on the World Heritage Centre website .


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Applications should be submitted no later than 1st March 2016, midnight (Paris time) to the Conventions Common Services unit, Culture Sector ( Please note that applications submitted through other channels will not be considered. Selection will be made on the basis of best value for money.