The Third Cycle of Periodic Reporting (2018 – 2024), a global World Heritage conservation monitoring exercise carried out in six-year cycles, carries on this September with reporting in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. 

World Heritage site managers and national focal points of the 147 World Heritage properties (101 cultural, 38 natural and 8 mixed sites) in the Latin America and the Caribbean region will be the next ones to fill out the questionnaire for the Third Cycle of Periodic Reporting, after the Arab States, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.

The purpose of the Periodic Reporting exercise is to give key stakeholders the opportunity to reflect on the implementation of the World Heritage Convention in the Latin America and the Caribbean region and to take stock of matters relating to the conservation, protection and management of World Heritage properties at the regional, national and the local level.

Reporting in the Latin America and the Caribbean region will last approximately 10 months and will run from September 2021 to the end of July 2022. During this time, participants will gather relevant information and complete and submit their questionnaires. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, training workshops foreseen will be help online or in hybrid mode.

Participants in this cycle of Periodic Reporting will benefit from the many new developments which have taken place since the last reporting cycle, including revised and updated questionnaires integrating the Sustainable Development approach and synergies with other conventions and a suite of training and guidance materials which have been developed specifically for the exercise.

The exercise also offers the opportunity for regional cooperation and exchange. Over the course of the reporting year, the Regional World Heritage Institute in Zacatecas as well as the Regional Heritage Management Training Centre “Lucio Costa” will be key partners for the Secretariat in the Periodic Reporting exercise in the Latin America and the Caribbean region, similar to the Category 2 Centre’s collaboration in the other regions of the world.

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