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Historic District of Old Québec

Advisory Bodies Evaluations
1985 Advisory Body Evaluation (ICOMOS) / Évaluation de l'organisation consultative (ICOMOS)
2015 Historic District of Old Québec - map of inscribed property
2015 39COM 8D - Clarifications of Property Boundaries and Areas by States Parties in response to the Retrospective Inventory
2015 39COM 8E - Adoption of Retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value
2006 30COM 11B - Follow-up to the Periodic Report for North America / Adoption of Statements of Significance
2006 30COM 8B.3 - Changes to Names of Properties (Historic District of Old Québec)
2005 29COM 7B.74 - Historic District of Québec (Canada)
2004 28COM 15B.85 - Historic District of Québec (Canada)
2003 27COM 7B.60 - Historic District of Québec (Canada)
2003 27COM 8C.3 - Nominations to be examined in 2003
2002 26COM 21B.39 - Historic Area of Québec (Canada)
2001 25BUR V.254-257 - Historic District of Quebec (Canada)
2000 24COM X - Changes to names of properties inscribed on the World Heritage List
1992 16COM VIII - SOC: Quebec Historic Area (Canada)
1992 16BUR VI.60 - Quebec Historic Area (Canada)
1988 12COM XB.41-43 - SOC: Old Quebec (Canada), Goreme (Turkey) & Studenica Monastery (Yugoslavia)
1987 11COM VIII.12-15 - Monitoring of the State of Conservation of the World Heritage Cultural Properties
1985 Report of the 9th Session of the Committee
1985 09COM XA - Inscription: Quebec (Historic area) (Canada)
1984 08COM VI.15 - Deferred Nominations
Mission reports
1992 ICOMOS Mission Report, Historic District of Old Québec, November 1992
Periodic Reporting
2013 Periodic Reporting Cycle 2, Section II
State of conservation reports
2005 State of conservation reports
2004 State of conservation reports
2003 State of conservation reports
2002 State of conservation reports
2001 State of conservation reports
1992 State of conservation reports
1988 State of conservation reports
1987 State of conservation reports