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State of conservation of properties inscribed on the World Heritage List

State of conservation of properties inscribed on the World Heritage List
Friday, 2 May 2014
SOC (53)
38COM/7/ State of conservation of World Heritage properties 38COM/7B.4/ Bahla Fort (Oman) (C 433) 38COM/7B.5/ Gebel Barkal and the Sites of the Napatan Region (Sudan) (C 1073) 38COM/7B.6/ Archaeological Site of Carthage (Tunisia) (C 37) 38COM/7B.7/ Old City of Sana’a (Yemen) (C 385) 38COM/7B.8/ Angkor (Cambodia) (C 668) 38COM/7B.9/ Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains (China) (C 705) 38COM/7B.12/ Mahabodhi Temple Complex at Bodh Gaya (India) (C 1056rev) 38COM/7B.13/ Sangiran Early Man Site (C 593) (Indonesia) 38COM/7B.14/ Cultural Landscape of Bali Province: the Subak System as a Manifestation of the Tri Hita Karana Philosophy (Indonesia) (C 1194rev) 38COM/7B.15/ Masjed-e Jame of Isfahan (Islamic Republic of Iran) (C 1397) 38COM/7B.18/ Lumbini, the Birthplace of the Lord Buddha (Nepal) (C 666rev) 38COM/7B.20/ Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras (Philippines) (C 722) 38COM/7B.24/ Historic Centre of Brugge (Belgium) (C 996) 38COM/7B.26/ Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay (France) (C 80bis) 38COM/7B.29/ Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor (Montenegro) (C 125) 38COM/7B.30/ Kizhi Pogost (Russian Federation) (C 544) 38COM/7B.31/ Historic Centre of the City of Yaroslavl (Russian Federation) (C 1170) 38COM/7B.32/ Cultural and Historic Ensemble of the Solovetsky Islands (Russian Federation) (C 632) 38COM/7B.33/ Kiev: Saint-Sophia Cathedral and Related Monastic Buildings, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (Ukraine) (C 527 bis) 38COM/7B.34/ Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) (C 1215) 38COM/7B.35/ Tower of London (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) (C 488) 38COM/7B.38/ City of Potosi (Plurinational State of Bolivia) (C 420) 38COM/7B.39/ Tiwanaku: Spiritual and Political Centre of the Tiwanaku Culture (Bolivia, Plurinational State of) (C 567rev) 38COM/7B.40/ Churches of Chiloé (Chile) (C 971) 38COM/7B.41/ Historic Quarter of the Seaport City of Valparaíso (Chile) (C 959rev) 38COM/7B.42/ Colonial City of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) (C 526) 38COM/7B.44/ National History Park – Citadel, Sans Souci, Ramiers (Haiti) (C 180) 38COM/7B.45/ Historic Centre of Puebla (Mexico) (C 416) 38COM/7B.46/ Historic Centre of the City of Arequipa (Peru) (C 1016) 38COM/7B.47/ Historic Inner City of Paramaribo (C 940rev) (Suriname) 38COM/7B.51/ Island of Mozambique (Mozambique) (C 599) 38COM/7B.52/ Historic Centre of Agadez (Niger) (C 1268) 38COM/7B.57/ Pyrénées Mont Perdu (France, Spain) (C/N 773bis) 38COM/7B.59/ Ecosystem and Relict Cultural Landscape of Lopé-Okanda (Gabon) (C/N 1147rev) 38COM/7B.61/ Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Tanzania, United Republic of) (C/N 39bis) 38COM/7B.63/ Great Barrier Reef (Australia) (N 154) 38COM/7B.65/ Manas Wildlife Sanctuary (India) (N 338) 38COM/7B.66/ Keoladeo National Park (N 340) (India) 38COM/7B.72/ Ha Long Bay (Viet Nam) (N 672bis) 38COM/7B.73/ Pirin National Park (Bulgaria) (N 225) 38COM/7B.74/ Gros-Morne National Park (Canada) (N 419) 38COM/7B.75/ Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and the Ancient Beech Forests of Germany (Ukraine, Germany, Slovakia) (N 1133bis) 38COM/7B.77/ Western Caucasus (Russian Federation) (N 900) 38COM/7B.78/ Virgin Komi Forests (Russian Federation) (N 719) 38COM/7B.79/ Doñana National Park (Spain) (N 685bis) 38COM/7B.80/ Giant’s Causeway and Causeway Coast (United-Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) (N 369) 38COM/7B.81/ Iguazú National Park (Argentina) (N 303) 38COM/7B.82/ Iguaçu National Park (Brazil) (N 355) 38COM/7B.83/ Galápagos Islands (Ecuador) (N 1bis) 38COM/7B.84/ Coiba National Park and its Special Zone of Marine Protection (Panama) (N 1138rev) 38COM/7B.87/ Sangha Trinational (Cameroun/Central African Republic/Congo) (N 1380rev) 38COM/7B.89/ Taï National Park (Côte d'Ivoire) (N 195) 38COM/7B.93/ Rwenzori Mountains National Park (Uganda) (N 684) 38COM/7B.94/ Serengeti National Park (United Republic of Tanzania) (N 156) 38COM/7B.96/ Mosi-oa-Tunya / Victoria Falls (Zambia, Zimbabwe) (N 509) 38COM/7B.97/ Mana Pools National Park, Sapi and Chewore Safari Areas (N 302) (Zimbabwe) 38COM/8C.1/ Update of the List of World Heritage in Danger (inscribed sites)
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