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Date Category Title
1991 Decision 15COM XV - Inscription: Old Rauma (Finland)
1991 Decision 15COM XV - Inscription: Fortress of Suomenlinna (Finland)
1991 Decision 15COM XVD - Deferred Nomination: Petäjävesi Church (Finland)
1993 Decision 17BUR VIII3 - Old Rauma (Finland)
1994 Decision 18COM XI - Inscription: Petäjävesi Old Church (Finland)
1996 Decision 20COM VIIIC - Inscription: Verla Groundwood and Board Mill (Finland)
1999 Decision 23COM VIIIC.1 - The Bronze Age Burial Site of Sammallahdenmäki (Finland)
2003 Decision 27COM 25 - Closure of Session
2004 Periodic Reporting Section I (Summary)[0.036mb]
2005 Decision 29COM 8B.35 - Nominations of Cultural Properties to the World Heritage List (the Struve Geodetic Arc )
2006 Decision 30COM 8B.27 - Extension of Properties Inscribed on the World Heritage List (Kvarken Archipelago / High Coast)
2007 Decision 31COM 8B.37 - Nomination of natural, mixed and cultural properties to the world heritage list - Paimio Hospital (former Paimio Sanatorium)
2008 Decision 32COM 8B.3 - Changes to name of properties inscribed on the World Heritage List - High Coast / Kvarken Archipelago (FINLAND / SWEDEN)
2009 Decision 33COM 8B.48 - Cultural properties - Examination of minor boundary modifications - Old Rauma (Finland)
2012 Decision 36COM 8B.60 - Cultural Properties - Examination of minor boundary modifications - Fortress of Suomenlinna (Finland)
2012 Decision 36COM 8D - Clarifications of property boundaries and areas by States Parties in response to the Retrospective Inventory
2013 Decision 37COM 8E - Adoption of retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value
2013 Periodic Reporting Section I [0.306mb]
2013 Decision 19GA 3 - Elections to the World Heritage Committee
2016 Decision 40COM 14 - International Assistance