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1st session of the World Heritage Committee

27 June-1 July 1977
Bureau Members

Chairperson: Mr. Firouz Bagherzadeh (Iran (Islamic Republic of))
Mr. Peter H. Bennett (Canada)
Egypt, France, Nigeria, Poland

Committee Members
  • List
  • Mandates
Mandate End of
Australia 1976-1983 1983
Canada 1976-1978 1978
Ecuador 1976-1980 1980
Egypt 1976-1983 1983
France 1976-1978 1978
Germany 1976-1978 1978
Ghana 1976-1980 1980
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 1976-1980 1980
Iraq 1976-1983 1983
Nigeria 1976-1980 1980
Poland 1976-1978 1978
Senegal 1976-1978 1978
Tunisia 1976-1983 1983
United States of America 1976-1983 1983


CC.77 /CONF.001 /9
Final report - List of Participants
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