The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (DSEWPaC), in conjunction with UNESCO Apia, is hosting an exhibition at the Festival of Pacific Arts, Honiara, 1–14 July 2012, entitled “Celebrating World Heritage in the Pacific”.  The exhibit celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the World Heritage Convention and showcases World Heritage activities being undertaken in the region.

 This exhibition at the Festival of Pacific Arts is an opportunity for furthering outcomes under the AusAID Pacific Public Sector Linkages Program (Pacific PSLP) DSEWPaC activities: “Strengthening World Heritage and Protected Area Governance: Papua New Guinea & Solomon Islands” and “Strengthening World Heritage and Protected Area Governance in Vanuatu.”  

The interactive exhibition will show images, artefacts, posters, and fact sheets about World Heritage. It will also promote the launch of the Pacific Heritage Hub. The Pacific Heritage Hub’s aim is to strengthen Pacific Heritage, increase communication networks, coordinate training opportunities and bring together donors and projects in the region. The exhibition will provide a conduit to hold a series of informal conversations on key themes and challenges for World Heritage in the Pacific.