WHITRAP (Shanghai) and ICCROM are pleased to announce the second training course on Management Planning for Cultural Heritage.The course responds to the urgent demands on sustainable management of cultural heritage sites in the region, highlighted by the Global Training Strategy for World Cultural and Natural Heritage(WHC-01/CONF. 208/14) and the UNESCO Periodic Report for the Asia and the Pacific. It aims to serve a wide range of conservation professionals, in particular decision makers, to implement efficient and contextual management planning, in order to ensure the protection of Outstanding Universal Value along with socio-economic development.

The course aims to equip participants with theoretical and practical knowledge to initiate and develop management plans in their own countries. Taking into account the specific pressure from the fast pace of development and transformation in the region, participants will gain insight and improve their strategic planning skills relevant to the management of World Heritage sites. This course will also build a professional platform for participants from different countries in the Asia-Pacific region to strengthen communication and to share experiences.

The international course is designed for a maximum of 20 participants from different disciplines, including architects, planners, archaeologists, restorers, engineers, site managers, and those working with local authorities with experience in the field of cultural heritage conservation. Priority is given to people at the level of decision-making and those working at World Heritage sites or associated institutes/organizations. In addition, participants should have the following qualifications:

1. Participants should be in a position to currently influence practice in the field or have the potential to do so in the short or medium term.

2. Participants should be proficient in English including reading, writing, making presentations, and participating in discussions. All course content and outputs will be in English.

3. Participants should be in good health, and able to complete all the activities of the course.

4. Participants should be capable and willing to follow-up with the programs at the UNESCO WHITRAP.

All application documents should reach WHITRAP (Shanghai) before May 30, 2010