In 2006 the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation will celebrate its 30 th anniversary…

After 30 years of multidisciplinary education, it is time to reflect on the past and the future of conservation philosophies and practices as they are conceived of in the Lemaire Centre’s program, through assessing what has been formulated, taught and disseminated by the RLICC and realized by its Alumni.

Gauging the impact of the RLICC’s program on the five continents, and establishing a cross-cultural dialogue between the participants resulting in a series of resolutions for the future: these are the first challenges the conference must address.

Moreover, through the contribution of its Alumni, the conference also wants to tackle the hot topic of globalisation (of thought and practice), to debate upon ‘multicultural approach versus ideology’ and to evaluate the applicability of different conservation theories.

The RLICC wants to start this debate on three key levels, which have always been at the centre of its concerns and experience: the ‘monument’, the archaeological sites and remains, the urban and natural environment.

Authors are called upon to contribute with theoretical or general papers as well as with practical applications which illustrate those topics. These will be divided in three sections. Section I The Monument in a multicultural perspective Section II Preservation of archaeological sites and remains Section III - Architectural conservation and the production of a high quality built environment