On 29 and 30 April 2019, World Heritage Site Managers of the Arab States region came together in Manama, Bahrain, for a workshop in the framework of the Third Cycle of Periodic Reporting, which is currently being implemented in the region.

The aim of the workshop was to familiarize particularly the francophone Site Managers of the Arab States Region with the Periodic Reporting processes and to provide them with the necessary information and tools on this statutory exercise of the World Heritage Convention.

Over the course of the 2-day workshop, participants from the following countries: Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco and Syria, were introduced to the concept of Outstanding Universal Value with a focus to  attributes, the identification of  factors affecting the properties and key information on the synergies with other UNESCO cultural conventions as well.

After the theoretical session, participants were later divided into groups and were invited to fill in their questionnaire.  During this group work session, they responded to numerous questions regarding the process as well as content and technical aspects of the questionnaire.  The Site Managers shared that the group work was an enriching opportunity to discuss, learn and share with other Site Managers of the region similar World Heritage issues, good practices and experiences.

Periodic Reporting is one of the core conservation monitoring mechanisms of the World Heritage Convention. Every six years, the States Parties are invited to submit to the World Heritage Committee a Periodic Report on the application of the World Heritage Convention in their territory. 

This workshop was organised by the World Heritage Centre, in close cooperation with the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage (ARC-WH) and the UNESCO Office in Cairo.

A side-event is foreseen on the 4 July 2019 at the 43rd session of the World Heritage Committee (Baku, Azerbaijan) to present the activities carried out so far in the Arab States region on the reporting period (September 2018 – July 2019).  This event will be the occasion to showcase the experience of a National Focal Point and a Site Managers who will talk on their experience on the exercise.