The 21st century requires a rethinking of human needs and values. They are not only tangible, but also intangible, and the immaterial comfort of the peoples' well being becomes more and more essential. The desire to conserve the cultural identity and to preserve cultural landscapes competes with the classical tendency of progress. In our days it should be understood as an approach within a framework of sustainable development in a global dimension. Today, interest in the achievements of past generations - those in engineering representing certain material echo of their intellectual potential in particular - appears to be one of the most proper prerequisites in forming those landscapes. Accordingly, the main objective of the International Conference HOT-GO 4 is to gather the experts involved - in order to provide a suitable forum for an interdisciplinary overview of the actual research performed and the practical experiences made - for a corresponding interpretation. The meeting should enhance the development of a co-operative network between professionals, owners, municipalities, museums, cultural associations and institutions in relation to the heritage of technology.