The International Graduate School: Heritage Studies at Cottbus-Senftenberg University is offering under the direction of the UNESCO Chair in Heritage Studies its third International Summer Academy Cottbus: Understanding Heritage (ISAC) under the title: "The Role of Participation, Empowerment and Sustainable Development in Heritage Studies and its Corresponding Disciplines" from 7 until 19 july 2014. 

The Summer Academy is organized under the patronage of the German Commission for UNESCO and the Brandenburg Ministry of Science, Research and Culture (tbc). The ISAC is supported and funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). 

The third Summer Academy aims at making the protection and the use of heritage in consideration of diverse approaches and concepts of participation and empowerment the subject of discussion. Analogue of the professional potential of our IGS, the approaches will be developed once again disciplinarily as well as interdisciplinarily.

In this coordinated two-week programme, that combines lectures, workshops, individual presentations and thematic excursions, the ISAC will focus on the following themes:

  • The Role of Communities in Sustainable Development
  • Participation and Empowerment in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention 
  • Possibilities and Limits of Participation
  • Entrepreneurship & Empowerment
  • Urban Management & Empowerment
  • Theory and Practice of the Concept of Cultural Landscape in the Context of UNESCO

For more information about the Summer Academy please visit the website or contact Ms. Anca Claudia Prodan at the following e-mail address