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Decision : CONF 202 17.3
World Heritage Partnerships Initiative (WHPI)

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Welcomes the World Heritage Partnerships Initiative as a means to achieve, on an experimental basis, a new systematic approach to partnerships;

2. Acknowledges that the work undertaken in identifying partnerships and criteria for new World Heritage partnerships is in progress;

3. Invites the Director-General to further develop a regulatory framework for the Partnerships Initiative to be added to the Committee's guidelines relating to the use of the World Heritage name, emblem and patronage;

4. Encourages the Director-General to ensure that the Initiative supports the Strategic Objectives adopted by the Committee;

5.   Considers that funds generated through the World Heritage Partnerships Initiative should be channeled, to the extent possible, through the World Heritage Fund;

6. Requests the Director-General to ensure that the overheads charged on partnership contributions are appropriated to support the World Heritage Centre;

7. Emphasises that the overseeing authority for monitoring progress and performance of the World Heritage Partnerships Initiative rests with the Committee, and that the Initiative is launched on an experimental basis;

8. Welcomes the proposal to develop performance indicators for evaluating the Initiative for consideration by the Committee in 2003 and to submit progress reports, and invites the Director-General to submit to the Committee at its 30th session in 2006 an evaluation of the Initiative up to end of 2005.

Themes: Communication, Partnerships
Year: 2002
Decision Code: CONF 202 17.3