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Decision : 7 EXT.COM 14
Report on the use of World Heritage Emblem

The World Heritage Committee,

  1. Having examined Documents WHC-04/7 EXT COM/14, and WHC-04/7 EXT COM/14.Corr,
  2. Recalling Decision 26 COM 15, adopted at its 26th session (Budapest, 2002),
  3. Regrets that the World Heritage Emblem was not protected as had been requested;
  4. Takes note of the Annual Report on the use of the World Heritage Emblem included in Document WHC-04/7 EXT COM/14;
  5. Urges the Director of the World Heritage Centre, in consultation with the Office of Legal Affairs of UNESCO, to request the World Intellectual Property Organization to amend its initial communication under Article 6ter of the Paris Convention for the protection of industrial property in order to protect :
    1. the graphics of the World Heritage Emblem by itself; and
    2. the graphics with the words ‘World Heritage’ in any language, surrounding this graphic;
  6. Expresses its concern at some inconsistencies in the handling by the World Heritage Centre of requests for use of the World Heritage Emblem and requests that proposals for use of the Emblem which are within the competence of the State Party should be referred immediately to the State Party concerned;
  7. Recalls the segment entitled ‘Responsibilities of States Parties’ of the Guidelines and Principles for the Use of the World Heritage Emblem as follows: ‘States Parties to the Convention should take all possible measures to prevent the use of the Emblem in their respective countries by any group or for any purpose not explicitly recognized by the Committee. States Parties are encouraged to make full use of national legislation including Trade Mark Laws’.
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  • Request WIPO to amend communication about the registration and protection of the World Heritage Emblem to foresee protection pf the Emblem by itself and with the words “World Heritage” surrounding it in any language.

    Status: Done
  • Proposals for the use of the World Heritage Emblem which are within their competence referred to the concerned States Parties

    Status: Done
Themes: Communication
Year: 2004
Decision Code: 7 EXT.COM 14