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Decision : CONF 003 VII.12
Rapport of the Representative of the Director-General

 In reporting on the activities undertaken during the last twelve months relating to the implementation of the Convention, the representative of the Director-General informed the Committee that a total of sixty-one States had now adhered to the Convention. There were however some regions in which only a few countries had ratified the Convention and the Secretariat assured the Committee that it would do its utmost to urge other countries to participate in this activity. Eighty-six sites, proposed by twenty-nine countries, had already been inscribed on the World Heritage List, but there were twenty-four States Parties which had so far not submitted any nomination to the List. He also reported on the activities undertaken in implementation of the decisions taken by the Committee at its fourth session and on the financial situation of the World Heritage Fund which could be considered satisfactory. He indicated, in particular, that as at 31 August 1981, the cash in hand amounted to $1,907,600.75.

 Decisions Report
Year: 1981
Decision Code: CONF 003 VII.12